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Spaced Invaders Details


This slapstick parody of space movies chronicles the riotous exploits of a group of dim-bulbed, misguided aliens under the mistaken impression that they are supposed to invade the Earth after they hear a rebroadcast of Orson Welles' notorious "War of the Worlds" one Halloween night. Thinking they are late, they rush in with their ramshackle spaceship and end up in Big Bean, Illinois, a peaceful midwestern town. Naturally after they announce they want to kill the "Earth scum," the residents want to kill them. Fortunately, the town sheriff and his daughter try to keep the moronic Martians safe and help their captain get them safely back in space. ~ Sandra Brennan, Rovi

  • Release date:April 27, 1990


Royal Dano
as Old Man Wrenchmuller
Ariana Richards
as Kathy Hoxly
J.J. Anderson
as Brian "Duck"
Gregg Berger
as Steve W. Klembecker
Wayne Alexander
as Vern
Adam Hansley
as Pig Kid
Joe Alaskey
as Dr. Ziplock
Tony Pope
as Giggywig
Patrika Darbo
as Mrs. Vanderspool
Kent Minault
as Dumb Guy
Debbie Lee Carrington
as Dr. Ziplock
Jeff Winkless
as Capt. Bipto
Kirk Thatcher
as Spiff
Tonya Lee Williams
as Ernestine
Patrick Read Johnson
as Commander and Enforcer Drone
Rose Parenti
as Old Wife
Justin Henry
as Dody
Ryan Todd
as Sid Ghost
Tony Cox
as Pez
Bruce Lanoil
as Pez
Hal Riddle
as Old Guy
Barry O'Neill
as Clown Kid
Fred Applegate
as Russell Pillsbury
Jimmy Briscoe
as Capt. Bipto
Casey Sander
as Radio Announcer
Kevin Thompson
as Blaznee/Voice of Blaznee
Glen Vernon
as Old Guy


Patrick Read Johnson
Luigi Cingolani
John S. Curran
Scott Lawrence Alexander
Patrick Read Johnson
James L. Carter
Kirk Thatcher
Daniel Gross
Seth Gaven
Scott Lawrence Alexander
Art Director
Caroline Pham
Associate Producer
George Zecevic
Executive Producer
Chava Danielson
Set Designer
Sanja Milkovic Hays
Costume Designer
John Knoll
Special Effects
Frank Ceglia
Special Effects
Spiro Razatos