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South Central Details


Glenn Plummer delivers a powerful performance in this angry film based on Crips, a novel written by South Central Los Angeles high school teacher Donald Baker, and directed by Steve Anderson, who served time in prison. Plummer plays Bobby, a young black man trapped in a self-perpetuating cycle of hatred, incarceration, and bloodshed. On his first day out of prison, he comes back to the streets of South Central LA and the only family he knows --the gang. He finds that his best friend Ray-Ray (Byron Keith Minns) is now the leader of the Deuces. Ray-Ray, with plenty of sweet talk, easily talks Bobby into committing a murder, killing a rival gang leader. But before the killing Bobby finds that his girlfriend Carole (LaRita Shelby) has given birth to his son. He also sees that she is becoming too dependent on her drug supply. After the killing, Bobby is hauled back into jail for a ten-year stretch. In jail, Bobby undergoes a transformation. Introduced to the Muslim community and mentored by an older convict named Ali (Carl Lumbly), Bobby begins to read W.E.B. Du Bois and Martin Luther King. He learns about self-respect and how gangs use people like him. When he is once again released from prison, Bobby is a new man. But South Central has gone from bad to worse. Carole, now completely addicted to cocaine, works as a hooker to support her habit. He also discovers that Ray-Ray has recruited his 10-year-old son Jimmie (Christian Coleman) as a junior gang member, stealing car stereos. Jimmie looks upon Ray-Ray as a role model and Bobbie must find a way to save his child from the violent and doomed future of a gang member. ~ Paul Brenner, Rovi

  • Release date:September 18, 1992


Glenn Plummer
as Bobby Johnson
Byron Minns
as Ray Ray
Lexie Bigham
as Bear
Vincent Craig Dupree
as Loco
LaRita Shelby
as Carole
Kevin Best
as Genie Lamp
Allan Hatcher
as Baby Jimmie
Christian Coleman
as Jimmie-Age 10
Ivory Ocean
as Willie Manchester
Starletta DuPois
as Nurse Shelly
Carl Lumbly
as Ali
Reginald T. Dorsey
as Bastille
Rana Mack
as Girl in Club
Tim de Zarn
as Buddha
Terrence Williams
as Boody
Vickilyn Reynolds
as Willie's Wife
Darren Leong
as Kim
Bonnie Oda Homsey
as Patty Chin
A. Michael Lerner
as Broken Nose
Linda Fontanette
as Neighbor Lady
Sal Landi
as Detective
Donald Bakeer
as Dr. King
Julius Le Flore
as 1st Prison Guard
Musa Bakeer
as Young Boy
Lanier Edwards
as Muslim
Eugene Williams
as Local Tough
Jaki Brown-Karman
Ron Chovance
as Parole Officer
Michael McNab
as 2nd Policeman
Diane Manzo
as Undercover Cop
Baldwin C. Sykes
as Ken Dog
Leonard Boyles
as Termite


Lowell D. Blank
Michael Spielberg
Brad M. Gilbert
Oliver Stone
Janet Yang
Donald Bakeer
Book Author
Charlie Lieberman
Tim Truman
Composer (Music Score)
Steve Nevius
Marina Kieser
Production Designer
Caroline Stover
Set Designer
Paul Staples
Special Effects
Phillip Christon
First Assistant Director