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Song of Love is the MGM-ified version of the lives and loves of 19th century musicians Clara Wieck Schumann (Katharine Hepburn), Robert Schumann (Paul Henreid) and Johannes Brahms (Robert Walker, who the previous year had played another composer, Jerome Kern, in ). Clara gives up her thriving career as a concert pianist to devote herself to her struggling composer husband Robert. Unable to cope with disappointment and failure, Robert dies in an asylum, leaving poor Clara to cope with seven children and mounting debts. At this point, the eminently successful Brahms, who has loved Clara all along, proposes to her, but Clara insists upon going it alone, perpetuating her husband's memory on the concert stage. Also represented in this musical "through the years" pageant is Franz Liszt, played with remarkable understatement by Henry Daniell. Clearly designed to capitalize on the popularity of Columbia's Chopin biopic , Song of Love is slow and poky at times, though it's fascinating to see Katharine Hepburn at the piano (reportedly, she learned to play enough classical music to get by in the close-up scenes, though her music is dubbed in medium and long shots). ~ Hal Erickson, Rovi

  • Release date:July 23, 1947


Katharine Hepburn
as Clara Wieck Schumann
Paul Henreid
as Robert Schumann
Robert Walker
as Johannes Brahms
Henry Daniell
as Franz Liszt
Leo G. Carroll
as Prof. Wieck
Elsa Janssen
as Bertha
Ann Carter
as Marie
Janine Perreau
as Eugenie
Jimmy Hunt
as Ludwig
Anthony Sydes
as Ferdinand
Eilene Janssen
as Elise
Ludwig Stossel
as Haslinger
Tala Birell
as Princess Valerie Hohenfels
Kurt Katch
as Judge
Henry Stephenson
as King Albert
Konstantin Shayne
as Reinecke
Clinton Sundberg
as Dr. Richarz
Byron Foulger
as Court Officer
Winifred Harris
as Women at Party
Lela Bliss
as Mrs. Heller
Gigi Perreau
as Julie
Betty Blythe
as Lady with Opera Glasses
Roman Bohnen
as Dr. Hoffman
Mary Forbes
Josephine Whittell
as Lady in Box


Clarence Brown
Clarence Brown
Bernard Schubert
Play Author
Allen Vincent
Robert Ardrey
Ivan Tors
Harry Stradling
Johannes Brahms
Featured Music
Franz Liszt
Featured Music
Robert Schumann
Featured Music
Bronislau Kaper
Composer (Music Score)
Bronislau Kaper
Musical Direction/Supervision
Hans Peters
Art Director
Cedric Gibbons
Art Director
Edwin B. Willis
Set Designer
Walter Plunkett
Costume Designer
Irene Valles
Costume Designer
Warren Newcombe
Special Effects
Jack Dawn