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Song of the Prairie Details


In this, the second of eight Ken Curtis music Westerns produced by Columbia, the country band the Hoosier Hots Shots arrive in the wild and woolly West to partake in Dan Tyler's (Curtis) "Painted Post Barn Show." Dan auditions and hires girl-singer Joan Smith (June Storey), unaware that she is actually Boston socialite Joan Wingate, whose father (Thurston Hall) has forbidden her to enter show business. When Joan's foppish fiancée William Van Welby (Grady Sutton) suddenly appears, the Hot Shots dress up as wild Indians in order to scare the tenderfoot off. Van Welby sees through the ruse and contacts Wingate, who demands that Joan leave with him for Boston. The Hot Shots, now dressed as doctors, convince Wingate to stay in the West for health reasons. Van Welby, meanwhile, hires some crooks to sabotage the show, and Dan and his performers are arrested on a groundless charge of running a gambling den. Dan's comic sidekick Andy (Andy Clyde) discovers that old man Wingate is actually a former road show stage manager. Chagrined, Wingate sees the error of his ways and tells Joan that he intends to back the musical revue. Storey, who earlier appeared in ten Gene Autry Westerns, joins leading man Curtis, the Hot Shots, Carolina Cotton, The Town Criers, and Deuce Spriggins and His Band in a selection of musical numbers that include "Toot, Toot Tootsie," "The Covered Wagon Rolled Right Along," and "No Romance in Your Soul." ~ Hans J. Wollstein, Rovi