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Son of Lassie Details


Son of Lassie is about a courageous collie named Laddie, played by a dog named "Pal". A sequel to , the film stars Peter Lawford and June Lockhart as the grown-up counterparts of the characters played in the earlier film by Roddy McDowall and Elizabeth Taylor. When WW2 breaks out, young Yorkshireman Joe Carraclough (Lawford) signs up with the British air force, bringing Laddie along. The inquisitive canine sneaks aboard the plane which takes Joe on his first mission. Their aircraft hit by enemy fire, Joe and Laddie are forced to parachute into Nazi-occupied Norway. Injured in the landing, Joe lies in a daze while the dog seeks help for his master. Once Laddie ascertains that the Nazis aren't his friends, the film evolves into one long chase, as dog and master try to make their way back to their own lines?while back at home, Joe's sweetheart Priscilla (June Lockhart, who of course would later costar in the TV series) bites her nails in anticipation. ~ Hal Erickson, Rovi


Peter Lawford
as Joe Curraclough
Donald Crisp
as Sam Curraclough
June Lockhart
as Priscilla
Nigel Bruce
as Duke of Rudling
Nils Asther
as Olav
Leon Ames
as Anton
Donald Curtis
as Sgt. Eddie Brown
Fay Helm
as Joanna
Otto Reichow
as Karl
Pat Prest
as Hedda
Leon Tyler
as Arne
Eily Malyon
as Washwoman
Pedro de Cordoba
as Village Priest
Lassie the Dog
Lester Matthews
as Major
Terry Moore
as Thea
Lester Matthews
as Major
Pedro de Cordoba
as Village Priest


S. Sylvan Simon
Samuel Marx
Charles E. Schoenbaum
Herbert Stothart
Composer (Music Score)
Cedric Gibbons
Art Director
Costume Designer
Arnold A. Gillespie
Special Effects
Warren Newcombe
Special Effects