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Sometimes a Great Notion Details


Also known as Never Give an Inch, this film was based on a novel by Ken Kesey. Paul Newman (who also directed) stars as Hank Stamper, the oldest son of an Oregon logging family headed by Henry (Henry Fonda). Hank's half-brother, Leeland (Michael Sarrazin), embittered over Henry's treatment of his late mother, returns after a ten-year absence to work in the family business. Leeland's presence causes friction with Henry, who resents his prodigal son's hippie mindset, and Hank, who perceives Leeland as a threat to his own position in the family structure. Hank has good reason to feel resentful: before long, his wife, Viv (Lee Remick), has entered into an affair with Leeland. Meanwhile, Henry wages an ongoing battle with the unionized loggers in the region, who threaten reprisals should Henry attempt to continue his business without union help. ~ Hal Erickson, Rovi

  • Release date:January 19, 1972


Awarded by
Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences Alan Bergman Best Song 1971 Nominee
Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences Henry Mancini Best Song 1971 Nominee
Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences Marilyn Bergman Best Song 1971 Nominee
Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences Richard Jaeckel Best Supporting Actor 1971 Nominee


Paul Newman
as Hank Stamper
Henry Fonda
as Henry Stamper
Lee Remick
as Viv Stamper
Michael Sarrazin
as Leeland Stamper
Richard Jaeckel
as Joe Ben Stamper
Linda Lawson
as Jan Stamper
Dick Hudkins
as Bit part
Terry J. Leonard
as Bit part
Cliff Potts
as Andy
Hal Needham
as Bit part
Dean Smith
as Bit part
Fred Lerner
as Bit part
Jim Burk
as Biggy Newton
Gary McLarty
as Bit part
Roy Jenson
as Elwood
Mickey Gilbert
as Bit part
Joe Maross
as Floyd Evenwrite
Fred Zendar
as Bit part
Lee de Broux
as Willard Eggleston
Charles Tyner
as Les Gibbons
Roy Poole
as Jonathan Draeger
Sam Gilman
as John


Paul Newman
John C. Foreman
Ken Kesey
Book Author
John Gay
Alan Bergman
Henry Mancini
Musical Direction/Supervision
Henry Mancini
Composer (Music Score)
Marilyn Bergman
Bob Wyman
Frank Caffey
Associate Producer
William Kiernan
Set Designer
Edith Head
Costume Designer
Mickey McCardle
First Assistant Director
Monty Westmore