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Sleepaway Camp Details


A deadly boating accident derails the life of a sensitive youngster, leading to confusion, madness and murder. Years after the incident, Angela (Felissa Rose) is still withdrawn and rarely speaks, living a sheltered life with her aunt and cousin Ricky (Jonathan Tiersten). The two young teens are sent off to Camp Arawak to spend the summer, and though Ricky attends every year and has plenty of friends, Angela is unable to fit in and finds herself the target of cruel taunts from her bunkmates. Her cousin is always ready to stick up for her, and she begins a timid romance with Ricky's best friend Paul (Christopher Collet), but it isn't enough to stop the abuse from their fellow campers. Soon a series of fatal accidents is plaguing Camp Arawak; a pedophilic cook is scalded alive, a practical joker drowns mysteriously and the boys' restroom becomes the scene of a horrific bee swarm attack. The campers are fleeing in droves, and the few who remain begin suspecting foul play. But who is the killer? The camp's owner (Mike Kellin) believes that the killings are only meant to ruin his business, and he's convinced that the hot-tempered Ricky is to blame. When the evening of the camp social arrives, it proves to be the bloodiest night of all, and a terrible secret is revealed in a bizarre confrontation on the beach. This offbeat slasher mystery (also known as Nightmare Vacation) has earned a sizable cult following for its twisted sensibilities and inspired a pair of direct-to-video sequels. ~ Fred Beldin, Rovi

  • Release date:November 18, 1983


Mike Kellin
as Mel
Christopher Collet
as Paul
Robert Earl Jones
as Ben
Felissa Rose
as Angela


Robert Hiltzik
Michele Tatosian
Jack Grossberg
Jerry Silva
Robert Hiltzik
Felix Giglio
Musical Direction/Supervision
Edward Bilous
Composer (Music Score)
Ralph Rosenblum
Ron Kalish
Sharyn Ross
Dale Hennesy
Production Designer
Dianne I. Wager
Art Director
Robert Hiltzik
Executive Producer
Joel Schumacher
Costume Designer
Rolf Pardula
Sound/Sound Designer
Gerald Endler
Special Effects
Cliff Cudney
Carl Clifford
Production Manager
Cliff Cudney
Stunts Coordinator
Del Acevedo