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Producer and director Otto Preminger reportedly experimented with LSD in the late 60's, which inspired him to make this notorious comedy in which Jackie Gleason plays Tony, a mid-level gangster and former hired killer not very happy with his life. He bickers a lot with his wife Flo (Carol Channing) and isn't sure what to make of his daughter Darlene (Alexandra Hay), especially since she started dating a hippie named Stash (John Phillip Law). Two of Tony's superiors, Angie (Frankie Avalon) and Hechy (Cesar Romero), order him to get arrested, go to prison and once behind bars whack "Blue Chips" Packard (Mickey Rooney). Though he's not pleased with the idea, Tony grudgingly goes along, but once inside, he's accidentally dosed with LSD by counterculture activist the Professor (Austin Pendleton). His consciousness expanded by his trip, Tony leaves his violent lifestyle behind him and with the Professor's help plans an escape after turning the entire prison population on to acid. Certainly your only opportunity to see Groucho Marx play a character named "God," not to mention a supporting cast that includes Slim Pickens, Peter Lawford, George Raft, Frank Gorshin and Arnold Stang, Skidoo is also remembered as the film in which Harry Nilsson sang all the credits. ~ Mark Deming, Rovi

  • Release date:December 19, 1968


Jackie Gleason
as Tony Banks
Carol Channing
as Flo Banks
Frankie Avalon
as Angie
Fred Clark
as Guard
Michael Constantine
as Leech
Frank Gorshin
as The Man
John Phillip Law
as Stash
Peter Lawford
as Senator
Burgess Meredith
as Warden
Cesar Romero
as Hechy
Mickey Rooney
as Packard
Groucho Marx
as "God"
Alexandra Hay
as Darlene Banks
Doro Merande
as Mayor
Slim Pickens
as Switchboard Operator
Robert Donner
as Switchboard Operator
Richard Kiel
as Beany
Tom Law
as Geronimo
Jaik Rosenstein
as "Eggs" Benedict
Renny Roker
Austin Pendleton
as The Prof. (Fred)
Arnold Stang
as Harry
Harry Nilsson
as Tower Guard
George Raft
as Capt. Garbaldo
Arnold Stang
as Harry
Harry Nilsson
as Tower Guard
Austin Pendleton
as The Prof. (Fred)


Otto Preminger
Otto Preminger
Stanley Ralph Ross
Elliott Baker
Leon Shamroy
Harry Nilsson
Harry Nilsson
Composer (Music Score)
Rudi Gernreich
Costume Designer
Charles Spurgeon
Special Effects
Webb Overlander