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Siri Medura Details


What could be more natural than for the Sri Lankan newlyweds Nirmala and Cyril to move into the house of the husband's brother? And, now that the same brother has been incapacitated by an automobile accident, surely he needs the reassuring presence of relatives close at hand more than ever. However, Nirmala is fascinated by the way her brother-in-law and his female servant Leela interact. There's something about it that seems familiar to her. Eventually she figures out that they have been having an affair. At first, she is properly outraged at this breach of class values taking place under her nose. Then she becomes intrigued with whatever qualities her brother-in-law has that would motivate so lovely a woman as Leela to put herself into so much danger. Eventually, she becomes besotted with her husband's brother to the extent that she worms her way into his embraces and has Leela set aside, right under the eyes of her unsuspecting husband. Of course, it helps that her new lover is still unable to speak. Meanwhile, Leela is not going to take this affront to her person passively, and trouble is brewing. ~ Clarke Fountain, Rovi


Anoja Weerasinghe
as Leela


Andrew Jayamanne
Lionel Gunaratne
Sound/Sound Designer