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A Simple Twist of Fate Details


Steve Martin produced, wrote, and starred in this modernized adaptation of the George Eliot novel Silas Marner. Martin is miserly small-town hermit Michael McCann, who hoards his wealth in the form of a rare coin collection. When his coins are stolen, McCann is ruined, but then he discovers an abandoned baby girl on his doorstep. Although he doesn't know it, the girl, whom McCann names Mathilda, is the illegitimate daughter of a prominent local politician, John Newland (Gabriel Byrne). Raising Mathilda has a profound effect on McCann, who emerges from his self-imposed exile and becomes an excellent, creative father. Mathilda grows up to be an intelligent, attractive girl, friendly with Newland and his wife (Laura Linney). When the Newlands learn that they cannot have children, John confesses his secret and embarks on a custody battle with McCann to regain guardianship of his daughter. The location of McCann's long-lost coins has a powerful impact on the proceedings, however. A rather dour and downbeat film, A Simple Twist of Fate lacked the charm and whimsy of Martin's earlier literary adaptation, Laura Linney, and did not enjoy that film's box office success. ~ Karl Williams, Rovi


Steve Martin
as Michael McCann
Gabriel Byrne
as John Newland
Laura Linney
as Nancy Newland
Catherine O'Hara
as April Simon
Alana Austin
as Mathilda McCann, at age 11
Alyssa Austin
as Mathilda McCann, at age 5
Stephen Baldwin
as Tanny Newland
Byron Jennings
as Keating
Michael Des Barres
as Bryce
Amelia Campbell
as Marsha Swanson
Kellen Crosby
as Lawrence (age 11)
Boyce Holleman
as Politician #1
Jon Kohler
as Janitor
Tim Ware
as Rob
Tom Even
as Dad the Cop
Danny Nelson
as Dr. Roberts
David Dwyer
as Joe the Bartender
Terry Loughlin
as Cal
Kristoffer Tabori
Judson Vaughn
as Politician #2
Libby Whittemore
as Playgroup Mom
Janell McLeod
as Court Stenographer
Mary Nell Santacroce
as Female Social Worker
Dianne Crittenden
Muriel Moore
as Mrs. Latham
Carolyn McCormick
as Elaine McCann
Dan Chandler
as Cop
Afemo Omilami
as Bailiff
Anne Heche
Ed Grady
as Judge Marcus
Suzanne Stewart
as Judge's Wife
Ric Reitz
as Male Social Worker


Gillies MacKinnon
Ric Kidney
Steve Martin
George Eliot
Book Author
Andrew Dunn
Cliff Eidelman
Composer (Music Score)
Humphrey Dixon
Marty P. Ewing
Production Designer
Andy Harris
Production Designer
Tim Galvin
Art Director
Steve Martin
Executive Producer
Maria Nay
Set Designer
Hope Hanafin
Costume Designer
Fred Judkins
Sound/Sound Designer
Vebe Borge
First Assistant Director
Dianne Crittenden