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Lawrence Kasdan's Silverado is a fond hark back to the all-star, big-budget westerns of the 1950s and 1960s. The various plotlines converge at the town of Silverado, held in thrall by crooked sheriff Brian Dennehy and his behemoth "deputies." The four disparate heroes--Kevin Kline, Kevin Costner, Scott Glenn and Danny Glover--prepare to do battle against Dennehy for personal reasons ranging from mercenary to altruistic. Sidelines characters include duplicitous, dandified gambler Jeff Goldblum, frontier widow Rosanna Arquette and gimlet-eyed saloon owner Linda Hunt. The film is stolen hands-down by Kevin Costner, playing an irresponsible young gunslinger who never speaks when hootin' and hollerin' will do. A classic, High Noon-style showdown caps this rousing retro western. ~ Hal Erickson, Rovi

  • Release date:July 10, 1985


Awarded by
Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences Bruce Broughton Best Score 1985 Nominee
Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences Rick Kline Best Sound 1985 Nominee
Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences Kevin O'Connell Best Sound 1985 Nominee
Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences David Ronne Best Sound 1985 Nominee


Kevin Kline
as Paden
Scott Glenn
as Emmett
Kevin Costner
as Jake
Danny Glover
as Mal
John Cleese
as Sheriff Langston
Rosanna Arquette
as Hannah
Brian Dennehy
as Cobb
Linda Hunt
as Stella
Jeff Goldblum
as Slick
Lynn Whitfield
as Rae
Ted White
as Hoyt
Pepe Serna
as Scruffy
Jon Kasdan
as Boy at Outpost
Richard Jenkins
as Kelly
Jeff Fahey
as Tyree
Ray Baker
as McKendrick
Todd Allen
as Deputy Kern
Sheb Wooley
as Cavalry Sergeant
Bill McIntosh
as Deputy Charlie
Lois Geary
as Mrs. Parker
Patricia Gaul
as Kate
Jane Beauchamp
as Neighbor Woman
Jerry Block
as Townsman
Thomas Wilson Brown
as Augie
Autry Ward
as Hat Thief
Earl Hindman
as J.T.
Zeke Davidson
as Mr. Parker
Dick Durock
as Bar Fighter
Ben Zeller
as Townsman
Roy McAdams
as Tall Outlaw
Ross Loney
as Red
Kenny Call
as Deputy Block
Marvin J. McIntyre
as Clerk
Troy Ward
as Baxter
James Gammon
as Dawson
Sam Gauny
as Deputy Garth
Meg Kasdan
as Barmaid
Jim Haynie
as Bradley
Bob Terhune
as Guard Cowboy
Amanda Wyss
as Phoebe
Joe Seneca
as Ezra
Brion James
as Hobart [uncredited]
Jerry Biggs
as Bartender
Ken Farmer
as Deputy Kyle
Charlie Seybert
as Townsman
Gene Hartline
as Bar Fighter


Lawrence Kasdan
Lawrence Kasdan
Lawrence Kasdan
Mark Kasdan
John Bailey
Bruce Broughton
Composer (Music Score)
Carol Littleton
Mia Goldman
Ida Random
Production Designer
Mark Kasdan
Associate Producer
Charles Okun
Executive Producer
Michael Grillo
Executive Producer
Anne McCulley
Set Designer
Kristi Zea
Costume Designer
Rick Kline
Sound/Sound Designer
Wallis Nicita