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In this undistinguished Stephen King horror adaptation, the good residents of Tarker's Mill are dense enough to ignore or explain away a series of violent deaths until a little boy is torn to pieces while flying his kite after dark. At that point, the men gang up and go into the fog-shrouded woods to hunt down whatever slasher is out there. The most they achieve is the sighting of one hairy arm and a few more sacrificial victims. But life goes on, and when the summer fireworks show is cancelled because people have deduced it might be fatal to stay out after dark, the Coslaw family's invalid, wheelchair-bound son Marty goes coasting off to the bridge to shoot his own fireworks. Needless to say, the hairy killer beast that is certain to be lurking there gets shot in the eyeball by one of Marty's rockets and is now an unhappy hairy killer beast. Even when a respected town biggie starts wearing an eyepatch, no one really takes notice. They must not watch many horror films. ~ Eleanor Mannikka, Rovi

  • Release date:October 11, 1985


Gary Busey
as Uncle Red
Corey Haim
as Marty Coslaw
Megan Follows
as Jane Coslaw
Everett McGill
as Reverend Lowe/Werewolf
Terry O'Quinn
as Sheriff Joe Haller
Robin Groves
as Nan Coslaw
Leon Russom
as Bob Coslaw
Bill Smitrovich
as Andy Fairton
Kent Broadhurst
as Herb Kincaid
Cassidy Eckert
as Girl
Roxanne Aalam
as Uncle Red's Girl
Herb Harton
as Elmer Zinneman
Sam Stoneburner
as Mayor O'Banion
Conrad McLaren
as Mac
Crystal Field
as Maggie Andrews
Graham F. Smith
as Porter Zinneman
William Newman
as Virgil Cuts
Myra Mailloux
as Stella's Mother
Julius Le Flore
as Smokey
Michael Lague
as Stella's Boyfriend
Pearl Jones
as Mrs. Thayer
Tovah Feldshuh
as Older Jane
Rebecca Fleming
as Mrs. Sturmfuller
Lawrence Tierney
as Owen Knopfler
David Hart
as Pete Sylvester
James Gammon
as Arnie Westrum
Rick Pasotto
as Aspinall
Paul Butler
as Edgar Rounds


Martha Schumacher
Stephen King
Book Author
Stephen King
Armando Nannuzzi
Jay Chattaway
Composer (Music Score)
Jay Chattaway
Daniel Loewenthal
Giorgio Postiglione
Production Designer
John M. Eckert
Associate Producer
Giorgio Desideri
Set Designer
Clifford Capone
Costume Designer