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The Silencers Details


The mythical, urban-legendary "men in black" make a lower-rent appearance here than in the movie of the same name. Jack Scalia stars as Rafferty, a secret service agent whose impressive marksmanship and survival skills are not enough to save a California senator from an assassination at the hands of some mysterious, otherworldly men clad in black. The killers are aliens disguised as human beings, working as an advanced force for their race, which intends to conquer Earth. A handful of humans knows about the aliens' invasion plot and that the killers have been sent to eliminate those who know -- and silence those who suspect -- the truth. Enter Comdor (Dennis Christopher), an eccentric, New Age sort of alien from a different intergalactic species, sent to Earth in an effort to help the humans defeat the space menace. Comdor teams up with Rafferty, who discovers that his new partner has a purpose in pursuing the villains that goes deeper than a simple quest for justice -- they are responsible for the death of his family. The duo's quest takes them into blazing gun battles, a freeway chase, and a goofy UFO convention, leading up to a brutal final confrontation. ~ Karl Williams, Rovi


Jack Scalia
as Rafferty
Dennis Christopher
as Comdor
Clarence Williams III
as General Greenboro
Carlos Lauchu
Lucinda Weist
Stephen Rowe
as Senator Maxwell
Jim Ishida
as Senator Furiyo
Madison Mason
as Senator Rawlings
June Chandler
as Mrs. Rawlings
Bill Frenzer
as Norman
Jane Higginson
as Joan
Vinny Argiro
as Priest
Lance Le Gault
as Kirby
Steve Ruge
as Joe


Richard Pepin
Richard Pepin
Joseph Merhi
Ken Blakey
Louis Febre
Composer (Music Score)
Chris Worland
Scott McAboy
Jack Scalia
Associate Producer
Lisa Dyehouse
Costume Designer
Mark Sikes