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Sign of the Pagan Details


Jeff Chandler may be the top-billed star of Sign of the Pagan, but the film belongs to Jack Palance, cast as no less than Attila the Hun. As Attila's hordes advance upon Rome, noble centurion Marcian (Chandler) mounts a counteroffensive. Alas, the Scourge of God cannot be stopped by weaponry or sheer brute strength. No, Attila can be halted in his tracks only by the hand of God Himself. Through a deft combination of historical fact and movie magic, this is precisely what happens. Ballerina Ludmilla Tcherina, her voice dubbed by an anonymous American actress, co-stars as Marcian's lady love, while Rita Gam is sublimely cast as Attila's long-suffering daughter. Also appearing as Attila's slave bride is Allison Hayes, some three years away from her starring turn in Allison Hayes. Filmed on a more spectacular scale than one usually associates with Universal-International, Sign of the Pagan loses some of its scope when shown on television. ~ Hal Erickson, Rovi


Jeff Chandler
as Marcian
Jack Palance
as Attila the Hun
Rita Gam
as Kubra
Jeff Morrow
as Paulinus
George Dolenz
as Theodosius
Eduard Franz
as Astrologer
Alexander Scourby
as Chrysaphius
Sara Shane
as Myra
Pat Hogan
as Sangiban
Howard Petrie
as Gundahar
Leo Gordon
as Bleda
Rusty Wescoatt
as Tula
Charles Horvath
as Olt
Moroni Olsen
as Pope Leo
Robo Bechi
as Chilothe
Walter Coy
as Valentinian
Allison Hayes
as Iloico
Michael Ansara
as Edecon
Fred Nurney
as Chamberlain
Chuck Roberson
as Mirrai
Norbert Schiller
as Seer
Fred Nurney
as Chamberlain
Norbert Schiller
as Seer
Allison Hayes
as Iloico
Chuck Roberson
as Mirrai
Michael Ansara
as Edecon


Douglas Sirk
Oscar Brodney
Russell Metty
Hans Salter
Composer (Music Score)
Frank Skinner
Composer (Music Score)
Herman Stein
Composer (Music Score)
Joseph E. Gershenson
Musical Direction/Supervision
Alexander Golitzen
Art Director
Oliver Emert
Set Designer
Kenny Williams