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Punk rock's first great embodiment of the motto "live fast and die young," Sid Vicious joined The Sex Pistols when they were already established as the most controversial rock band in British history; and it soon became apparent that he couldn't play his instrument, had a magnetic attraction to chaos, and possessed a dangerous thirst for booze, drugs, and violence. Sid & Nancy opens shortly after Sid (Gary Oldman) joined the band, when he meets an obnoxious American punk groupie named Nancy Spungen (Chloe Webb). Nancy claims that she can get drugs, and Sid naively gives her his money. Nancy doesn't show up with the goods, but when Sid runs into her a few days later, she has a tall tale about getting ripped off - and Sid sympathizes with her. Before long, Sid and Nancy have fallen in love, and while they argue with uncommon vehemence, they also depend completely on each other. When The Sex Pistols break up, Sid has few prospects and an increasingly voracious appetite for heroin, and Nancy's attempts to "manage" his career only hasten his downhill slide. Former Clash leader Joe Strummer wrote the film's theme song, "Love Kills," and The Pogues, The Circle Jerks, and Pray for Rain contributed to the soundtrack. ~ Mark Deming, Rovi

  • Release date:November 7, 1986


Awarded by
National Society of Film Critics Chloe Webb Best Actress 1985 Winner


Gary Oldman
as Sid Vicious
Chloe Webb
as Nancy Spungen
David Hayman
as Malcolm McLaren
Andrew Schofield
as Johnny Rotten
Tony London
as Steve
Biff Yeager
as Detective
Keith Morris
as Riker's Junky
Graham Fletcher-Cook
as Wally Hairstyle
Anne Lambton
as Linda
Gloria Le Roy
as Granma Spungen
Milton Selzer
as Granpa Spungen
John M. Jackson
as Lance Boyles, M.D
Niven Boyd
as Rock Head's Trainer
Pete Lee-Wilson
as Duke Bowman
Michele Winstanley
as Olive McBollocks
Raymond Rosario
as ABC Kid
Tricia Bartholome
as Mary Jane
John Snyder
as Vito
Perry Benson
as Paul
Xander Berkeley
as Bowery Snax
Courtney Love
as Gretchen
Mark Monero
as Jah Clive
Ed Pansullo
as Detective
Miguel Sandoval
as Record Company Executive
Iggy Pop
as Prospective Guest
Sy Richardson
as Methadone Caseworker
Sara Sugarman
as Abby
Dick Rude
as Riker's Guard
Kathy Burke
as Brenda Winczor
Patti Tippo
as Tanned and Sultry Blonde
Tenpole Tudor
as Receptionist
Desiree Erasmus
as Mrs. Hugh Kares
Jude Alderson
as Ma Vicious
Barbara Coles
as Reporter
Jeanne McCarthy
as Trell
Coati Mundi
as Desk Clerk
Sandy Baron
as Hotelier
James Snell
as Edward
Peter McCarthy
as Hugh Kares
Edward Tudor-Pole
as Hotelier (UK)
Fox Harris
as Old Stain
Alexander Folk
as Riker's Guard
Vincent J. Isaac
as Detective
Bob Ellis
as Fireman
Dan Wul
as Guitarist
Andrew Bradford
as Dick Bent
Bradley Lieberman
as Chipper
Stuart H. Fox
as Rock Head


Alex Cox
Abbe Wool
Eric Fellner
Abbe Wool
Alex Cox
Roger Deakins
Joe Strummer
Composer (Music Score)
Joe Strummer
Glen Matlock
Shane McGowan
Dan Wul
Andrew McAlpine
Production Designer
Lynda Burbank
Art Director
Peter McCarthy
Pam Tait
Costume Designer
Theda Deramus
Costume Designer
Catherine Cooke
Costume Designer
Peter Glossop
Sound/Sound Designer