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[[Performer~P84640~Gregg Champion~greggchampion]], the son of dance stars Marge and [[Performer~P84639~Gower Champion~gowerchampion]], made his feature film directorial debut with this sitcom-influenced cop comedy. [[Performer~P85491~Dabney Coleman~dabneycoleman]] stars as Burt Simpson, a police detective one week short of retirement, who is told he has a rare blood disease called Wechsler's Curtain and that he will be dead within two weeks. Before receiving the dire news, Burt was the kind of guy who made it a point to be cautious when in pursuit of criminals. He also was unable to tell his wife ([[Performer~P26007~Teri Garr~terigarr]]) that he loved her. But now that he has only two weeks to live, Burt undergoes a complete personality reversal -- much to the shock of his partner Ernie Dills ([[Performer~P25053~Matt Frewer~mattfrewer]]). Burt throws his well-known caution to the wind and volunteers for double-duty in the city's most dangerous neighborhood to take on the notorious psychotic Carl Stark ([[Performer~P5693~Xander Berkeley~xanderberkeley]]). The reason for this sudden turnaround? Burt figures that if he is killed in the line of duty, his son can go to Harvard on the $320,000 worth of department insurance, rather than die after retirement and collect a paltry $22,000 on his regular insurance policy. Paradoxically, Burt finds that comedy is easy but dying is hard. ~ Paul Brenner, Rovi

  • Release date:May 4, 1990


Dabney Coleman
as Burt Simpson
Matt Frewer
as Ernie Dills
Teri Garr
as Carolyn Simpson
Barry Corbin
as Captain
Joe Pantoliano
as Scalese
Xander Berkeley
as Carl Stark
Rob Roy
as Dan Miller
Kaj-Erik Eriksen
as Dougie Simpson
Deejay Jackson
as Spivak
Gene Heck
as Stark's Cohort
Jack Bastow
as Sidewalk Preacher
Sam Malkin
as Hostage
Brenda Crichlow
as Nurse
Fred Perron
as Cop
Jack Ammon
as Elderly Man
Peter Yunker
as Soap Opera Man
Gillian Barber
as Nurse
Jay Brazeau
as Cop
Tony Morelli
as Stark's Cohort
Kimelly Anne Warren
as Soap Opera Woman
Alvin Sanders
as Cop
Jerry Wasserman
as Cop
Tony Pantages
as Vito
Betty Phillips
as Clerk
Steven Wright
as Helicopter Pilot
Meredith Bain Woodward
as Psychiatrist
Gordon Doerkson
as Cop
David Symons
as Cop
Kevin McNulty
as Dr. Drexler
Beverly Hendry
as Soap Opera Policewoman
Paul Jarrett
as Jonas Lutz
Enid Saunders
as Elderly Woman
Paul Batten
as Dr. Goldman
Kim Kondrashoff
as Michael Lutz
Wes Tritter
as Coffin Salesman
Russell J. Roberts
as Waiter
Dwight Koss
as Car Salesman


Gregg Champion
Todd Black
Malcolm R. Harding
William Osborne
Michael Berry
William Davies
Gary Ross
John Blumenthal
John Connor
Ira Newborn
Composer (Music Score)
Steve Winwood
Derek Power
Musical Direction/Supervision
Michael S. Bolton
Production Designer
Eric Fraser
Art Director
Rob Cowan
Joe Wizan
Executive Producer
Michael Borofsky
Executive Producer
Gwendolyn Margetson
Set Designer
Rory Cutler
Special Effects
Conrad Palmisano
Lynne Carrow
Jayne Dancose