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Based on stories by Raymond Carver, Short Cuts follows 22 Los Angeles residents whose lives intersect over the course of a few days. Ann and Howard Finnegan (Andie MacDowell and Bruce Davison) are preparing for their son Casey's birthday party when the boy is injured in an auto accident and falls into a coma. Meanwhile, Andy (Lyle Lovett), a baker, seethes with anger over the birthday cake that wasn't claimed, and Howard's father, Paul (Jack Lemmon), decides that a visit with his ailing grandson is a good time to discuss his infidelities. Lois (Jennifer Jason Leigh) is a new mother who watches over her baby when not making money doing phone sex, which bothers her husband, Jerry (Chris Penn), though he knows they need the money. Pilot "Stormy" Weathers (Peter Gallagher) takes a very literal approach to dividing up community property with his ex-wife (Frances McDormand). Doreen (Lily Tomlin) is trying on to hold her marriage with Earl (Tom Waits), who is a good man on the rare occasions that he's sober. Zoe (Lori Singer), a classical musician, is trying to find some way to connect with her mother, Tess (Annie Ross), a jazz singer. Dr. Ralph Wyman (Matthew Modine) and his wife, Marian (Julianne Moore) put their bickering on hold while they have dinner with another couple, Stuart and Claire Kane (Fred Ward and Anne Archer). Stuart and his pals Gordon and Vern (Buck Henry and Huey Lewis) earlier went on a fishing trip where they discovered the body of a drowned woman but decided not to report it until the end of the weekend. ~ Mark Deming, Rovi

  • Release date:October 1, 1993


Awarded by
Venice International Film Festival Robert Altman Golden Lion 1993 Winner
Independent Spirit Awards Robert Altman Best Director 1993 Winner
Independent Spirit Awards Robert Altman Best Screenplay 1993 Winner
Hollywood Foreign Press Association Robert Altman Best Screenplay 1993 Nominee
Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences Robert Altman Best Director 1993 Nominee
French Academy of Cinema Robert Altman Best Foreign Film 1994 Nominee
National Society of Film Critics Madeleine Stowe Best Supporting Actress 1993 Winner
Independent Spirit Awards Julianne Moore Best Supporting Actress 1993 Nominee
Independent Spirit Awards Frank Barhydt Best Screenplay 1993 Winner
Hollywood Foreign Press Association Frank Barhydt Best Screenplay 1993 Nominee


Andie MacDowell
as Ann Finnegan
Bruce Davison
as Howard Finnigan
Tim Robbins
as Gene Shepard
Chris Penn
as Jerry Kaiser
Julianne Moore
as Marian Wyman
Anne Archer
as Claire Kane
Matthew Modine
as Dr. Ralph Wyman
Jack Lemmon
as Paul Finnegan
Fred Ward
as Stuart Kane
Jennifer Jason Leigh
as Lois Kaiser
Lili Taylor
as Honey Bush
Robert Downey, Jr.
as Bill Bush
Madeleine Stowe
as Sherri Shepard
Lily Tomlin
as Doreen Piggot
Tom Waits
as Earl Piggott
Frances McDormand
as Betty Weathers
Peter Gallagher
as Stormy Weathers
Annie Ross
as Tess Trainer
Lori Singer
as Zoe Trainer
Lyle Lovett
as Andy Bitkower
Buck Henry
as Gordon Johnson
Huey Lewis
as Vern Miller
Andi Chapman
as Harriet Stone
Alex Trebek
as Himself
Natalie Strong
as Mourner
Danny Darst
as Aubrey Bell
Jerry Dunphy
as Himself
Robert DoQui
as Knute Willis
Debbie Falconer
as Barbara
Charles Rocket
as Wally Littleton
Dirk Blocker
as Diner Customer
Jay Della
as Bartender
Jarrett Lennon
as Chad Weathers
Susie Cusack
as Nancy
Jane Alden
as Mrs. Schwarzmeier
Michael Beach
as Jim Stone
Darnell Williams
as Joe Robbins
Terry Adams
as The Low Note Quintet #1


Robert Altman
Robert Altman
Cary Brokaw
Frank Barhydt
Robert Altman
Walt Lloyd
Mark Isham
Composer (Music Score)
Geraldine Peroni
Stephen Altman
Production Designer
Diana Pokorny
Production Designer
Jerry Fleming
Art Director
David Levy
Associate Producer
Scott Bushnell
Executive Producer
Susan J. Emshwiller
Set Designer
Allan Nicholls
First Assistant Director
Jeff Rafner
First Assistant Director
Greg Walker
Hal Willner
Music Producer
Raymond Carver
Short Story Author