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She's Out of Control Details


Director Stan Dragoti, whose forte is plumbing the depths of the male psyche, plumbs those depths once again in She's Out of Control. Tony Danza stars as Doug Simpson, a broadcasting executive who has trouble adjusting to the fact that his fifteen-year-old daughter Katie (Ami Dolenz) is blossoming into a sexual being. This realization kicks in after his fiancee Janet (Catherine Hicks) takes Katie for a makeover; suddenly she appears before Doug looking like a sultry super model. Now Doug is unable to look at his daughter as anything other than as a sexy chick, and he spends his time fending off packs of horny suitors while dictating morality to Katie. It finally gets to the point where Doug consults with television psychiatrist Dr. Fishbinder (Wallace Shawn), who recommends that Doug read a book he has written for single fathers, advising him, "If you're a slow reader, you better put your daughter on the pill." ~ Paul Brenner, Rovi

  • Release date:April 14, 1989


Tony Danza
as Doug Simpson
Catherine Hicks
as Janet Pearson
Ami Dolenz
as Katie Simpson
Wallace Shawn
as Dr. Fishbinder
Dick O'Neill
as Mr. Pearson
Laura Mooney
as Bonnie Simpson
Derek McGrath
as Jeff
Dana Ashbrook
as Joey
Matthew Perry
as Timothy
Joshua Waggoner
as 12 yr. Old Kid
Rusdi Lane
as Doctor
Megan Gallivan
as Dancer
Laura Summer
as Receptionist
Matt McKenzie
as Airport Security Officer
Tony Max
as Patient
Bess Meyer
as Cheryl
Kate Murtagh
as Chaperone
Kerry Brennan
as Dancer
Robbie Rist
as Corvette Kid's Friend
Diana Barrows
as Lisa
Marc Gilpin
as Parking Attendant
Eric Walker
as Volleyball Player
Michael Bower
as Kid at Beach
Todd Bridges
as Water Man
Ron Pace
as Security Officer
Brad Tanner
as Boy Friend No. 2
John Hendrickson
as Beach Boy
Jeff Maynard
as Boy Friend
Aurorah Allain
as Dancer
Peter Linari
as Security Guard
Brad Kester
as Andy
Steven Robert Ross
as Date
Marcie Barkin
as Doug's Secretary
Suzy Cote
as Dancer
Todd Jenkins
as Dancer
Gary Schwartz
as Optometrist
Lance Wilson-White
as Richard
Scott Morris
as Corvette Kid
Jim Raposa
as Dancer
Mina Kolb
as Mrs. Pearson
Jim Ladd
as Voice of KHEY-FM 97.5
Oliver Muirhead
as Nigel
Dustin Diamond
as Kid on the Beach
Mitch Braiman
as Joey's Friend
Scooter Stevens
as Bonnie's Date
Jan Bina
as Harpist
Michael Alaimo
as Baggage Handler
Kenneth Hoyt
as Disheveled Kid
Philip Arthur Ross
as Date
Terry Wills
as Flight Captain
Ria Pavia
as Robin


Stan Dragoti
Michael J. Nathanson
Seth Winston
Donald Peterman
Alan Silvestri
Composer (Music Score)
Timothy R. Sexton
Musical Direction/Supervision
Dov Hoenig
Stephen Deutsch
John G. Wilson
Michael J. Nathanson
Bill Wilson
Associate Producer
Robert Kaufman
Executive Producer
Bruce Gibeson
Set Designer
Marie France
Costume Designer
Wally Crowder
Amanda Mackey-Johnson