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Shanghai Noon Details


Jackie Chan has often played a fish out of water, but he's rarely found himself so far upstream as in this comic adventure, in which he puts his fighting skills to the test in the Old West of the 1850s. Lo Fong (Roger Yuan), onetime captain of the Chinese Imperial Guard, has traded upholding the law for smuggling opium. Needing some operating capital, Lo Fong kidnaps the Emperor's daughter, Princess Pei Pei (Lucy Liu), and takes her to America. When the Emperor sends his best men to find her, Chon Wang (Chan), one of the Emperor's less distinguished guards, insists on joining them; he feels at fault for Lo Fong's capturing the Princess, and he wants to make amends. However, while the rescue party scours the West, Chon Wang gets separated from the group and soon becomes lost. When he crosses paths with Roy O'Bannon (Owen Wilson), a bright but arrogant train robber, the two become unlikely allies. While Shanghai Noon was billed as Jackie Chan's follow-up to Rush Hour, his first successful American-made feature, it was actually filmed in Canada, as was Chan's breakthrough film in America, the Hong Kong-backed Owen Wilson. ~ Mark Deming, Rovi

  • Release date:May 23, 2000


Jackie Chan
as Chon Wang
Owen Wilson
as Roy O'Bannon
Lucy Liu
as Princess Pei Pei
Brandon Merrill
as Indian Wife
Roger Yuan
as Lo Fong
Xander Berkeley
as Van Cleef
Yu Rongguang
as Imperial Guard
Walton Goggins
as Wallace
P. Adrien Dorval
as Blue
Rafael Baez
as Vasquez
Stacy Grant
as Hooker in Distress
Kate Luyben
as Fifi
Jason Connery
as Andrews
Henry O
as Royal Interpreter
Russell Badger
as Sioux Chief
Alan C. Peterson
as Saddle Rock Sheriff


Tom Dey
Gary Barber
Jonathan Glickman
Miles Millar
Alfred Gough
Dan Mindel
Kathy Nelson
Musical Direction/Supervision
Randy Edelman
Composer (Music Score)
Richard Chew
Peter J. Hampton
Production Designer
Brandt Gordon
Art Director
Ned Dowd
Jules Daly
Solon So
Executive Producer
Willie Chan
Executive Producer
Jackie Chan
Executive Producer
Bryony Foster
Set Decorator
David Lee
Sound/Sound Designer
Bruce G. Moriarty
First Assistant Director
Nancy Green-Keyes
Matthew Barry