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Shaking the Tree Details


Shaking the Tree is an ensemble dramedy about four male friends living in Chicago, pushing 30, who help each other through a series of crises. Barry ([[Performer~P28966~Arye Gross~aryegross]]) is a real estate salesman and a huge White Sox fan who's nervous about his impending wedding to Michelle ([[Performer~P29430~Christina Haag~christinahaag]]). When he presses her about her sexual past, he finds out she once slept with one of his pals. Duke ([[Performer~P76246~Steven Wilde~stevenwilde]], who co-wrote the script with director [[Performer~P85144~Duane B. Clark~duanebclark]]) was forced to give up boxing due to an injury, and is unhappy with his life as a womanizing bartender. Sully ([[Performer~P30216~Gale Hansen~galehansen]]) comes from a wealthy family. He is also a womanizer, and his gambling problem is spiraling out of control. When he loses ten grand to some shady characters, his family refuses to bail him out. Michael ([[Performer~P63346~Doug Savant~dougsavant]] of Melrose Place) is a college professor with a massively pregnant wife, Kathleen ([[Performer~P15465~Courteney Cox~courteneycox]]), and his fear of becoming a father leads him to consider an affair with a seductive student, Brigette (played by actor [[Performer~P30216~Gale Hansen~galehansen]]'s wife, Brittney Hansen). After [[Performer~P15465~Cox~courteneycox]] became a success on television with [[Feature~V258653~Friends~friends[tvseries]]], the film was re-released on video with the photo on the box changed to feature the actress prominently, although she plays a supporting role in the film. ~ Josh Ralske, Rovi

  • Release date:January 24, 1992


Arye Gross
as Barry
Gale Hansen
as John "Sully" Sullivan
Doug Savant
as Michael
Steven Wilde
as Terry "Duke" Keegan
Christina Haag
as Michelle
Nathan Davis
as Grandpa Sullivan
Kirk Thatcher
as Craps Player
Courteney Cox
as Kathleen
Ron Dean
as Duke's Father
Dick Sasso
as New Yorker in Van
John Malloy
as Christmas Tree Lot Owner
Kristin Messner
as Bridgette
Michael Arabian
as Nickel
Dennis Kelly
as Sully's Father
Joey Tomaska
as Richie
Terry Muller
as Ape
Dennis Cockrum
as Mr. Bannelli
Mik Scriba
as Tony Villanova
Louie Lanciloti
as Cab Driver
Maurice Chasse
as Cashier at Stubby's
Eva Quiroz
as Brunette at Bar
Barbara Robertson
as Nurse
Terry Moloney
as Barry's Work Buddy
Ned Schmidtke
as Mr. Jack


Duane B. Clark
Robert J. Wilson
Duane B. Clark
Steven Wilde
Sean Mannion
Production Designer
Susan Kaufmann
Costume Designer
Kirk Thatcher
Storyboard Artist
Elaine Offers