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Shakes the Clown Details


This black comedy chronicles the fall of one of the world's most unlovable clowns as he plies his trade and tries to survive in Palukaville a town where everyone is more or less a Bozo. Shakes loves women and more than that, he loves his booze. Like many of his painted peers, ol' Shakes likes to hang out at The Twisted Balloon, the favorite local pub where he hoists a few, beats up on mimes (the lowest caste in Palukaville) and causes trouble with his girl friend Judy, a woman who cannot say the letter "L." Because the slovenly Shakes can't seem to make it to birthday parties sober and on time, he is fired from his booking agency, causing him to go on a big drinking binge. Later, Shakes awakens and learns that Binky, a lousy TV-clown, is framing him for beating up Shake's former boss with a juggling pin. Now poor Shakes must clear his name. He must also rescue "Juwee" who has been kidnapped by the nefarious Binky, and he must come to grips with his alcohol problem (perhaps the film could be therefore titled "Clown and Sober?"). Keep an eye peeled for cameos by Robin Williams, as a mime instructor, and Florence Henderson as one of Shake's illicit sexual conquests. ~ Sandra Brennan, Rovi

  • Release date:March 13, 1992


Bobcat Goldthwait
as Shakes The Clown
Julie Brown
as Judy
Tom Kenny
as Binky the Clown
Blake Clark
as Stenchy the Clown
Adam Sandler
as Dink the Clown
Kathy Griffin
as Lucy
Paul Dooley
as Owen Cheese
Robin Williams
as Mime Jerry
Bruce Baum
as Ty the Rodeo Clown
Florence Henderson
as The Unknown Woman
Paul Kozlowski
as HoHo the Clown
Jeremy S. Kramer
as Detective Boar
LaWanda Page
as Female Clown Barfly
Greg Travis
as Randi the Rodeo Clown
Tom Villard
as Dirthead in Car
Martin Charles Warner
as Male Clown Barfly
Joel Murray
as Milkman
Bob Nickman
as Gas Station Owner
Tony V.
as Broken Saddle Bouncer
Melissa Hurley
as Producer at Bigtime Cartoon Circus
Tim Kazurinsky
as 1st Party Dad
Paige Gosney
as Billy
Shane Ricci
as Obnoxious Kid at Party
Tom Scott
Eliza Coyle
as Enthusiastic Mime
Sidney Lassick
as Peppy the Clown
Cary Smith
as Mom at Party
Johnny Silver
as Clown Tailor
Danielle Spencer
as Boots the Clown
Steve Bean
as Beaten Mime in Park
Donald Paul Pemrick
Scott Herriott
as Floor Director


Bobcat Goldthwait
Harold Welb
Ann Luly-Goldthwait
Miles A. Copeland III
Barry Krost
Michael Bennett
Paul Colichman
Bobcat Goldthwait
Bobby Bukowski
Elliot Davis
Tom Scott
Composer (Music Score)
J. Kathleen Gibson
Pamela Woodbridge
Production Designer
Steven Reich
Associate Producer
Melissa Cobb
Associate Producer
Tim Trella
Melissa Hurley