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Shag is a beach flick set in 1963. The years have passed, but the old formula holds firm: four attractive young lasses head for the surf and sand of Myrtle Beach, SC, looking for guys. Carson McBride (Phoebe Cates) is about to be married, so her three pals seek out a final affaire d'amour on her behalf before she is lost to the world forever. The cast is fascinating for its family ties: Bridget Fonda is the daughter of Peter Fonda, Page Hannah the sister of Daryl Hannah, and Tyrone Power Jr. is the son of you-know-who. Filmed in 1988, Shag was released that year in Europe, then offered to American audiences one year later. ~ Hal Erickson, Rovi

  • Release date:July 21, 1989


Awarded by
Independent Spirit Awards Scott Coffey Best Supporting Actor 1989 Nominee
Independent Spirit Awards Bridget Fonda Best Supporting Actress 1989 Nominee


Phoebe Cates
as Carson McBride
Scott Coffey
as Chip Guillyard
Bridget Fonda
as Melaina Buller
Annabeth Gish
as Caroline "Pudge" Carmichael
Page Hannah
as Luanne Clatterbuck
Robert Rusler
as Buzz Ravenel
Tyrone Power, Jr.
as Harley Ralston
Jeff Yagher
as Jimmy Valentine
Walker Owens
as Young Man
Bonnie Cook
as Mrs. Carmichael
William Roberts
as Dying Cockroach
Andrei Kharitonov
Barry Thigpen
as MC
Ezra Sutton
as Gator Boy
Paul Lieber
as Manager
Elliott Phillips
as Turkey Sandwich
Leilani Sarelle
as Suette
Garry Goins
as "Big Dan and the Sand Dollars" Band
Donald Craig
as Senator Clatterbuck
Leonid Filatov
Carrie Hamilton
as Nadine
Janelle Cochrane
as Mrs. McBride
Shirley Ann Field
as Mrs. Clatterbuck
Lawrence Whitaker
as "Big Dan and the Sand Dollars" Band
Pearl Jones
as Elvira
Jay Baker
as Big Bob
Yelena Yakovleva
Joe Seely
as Creep
Lise Lang
as Car Hop
Vladimir Ilyin
Jane Aiken
as Ettie Stroos


Zelda Barron
Jeffrey Silver
Stephen Woolley
Lanier Laney
Screen Story
Lanier Laney
Terry Sweeney
Terry Sweeney
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Gemma Craven
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Executive Producer
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Kara Lindstrom
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Caroline Baron
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Elisabeth Leustig
Ed Novick
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Laura Connolly
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Peter Krook
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