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Beverly Sutphin ([[Performer~P72173~Kathleen Turner~kathleenturner]]) is the perfect suburban housewife and mother. She likes to cook, her home is immaculately clean, she's always well-groomed and cheerful, and she loves her husband Eugene ([[Performer~P74941~Sam Waterston~samwaterston]]) and her two children, Misty ([[Performer~P40071~Ricki Lake~rickilake]]) and Chip ([[Performer~P196768~Matthew Lillard~matthewlillard]]). There's just one problem with Beverly -- if you do anything to make someone in her family feel bad, you're dead meat on a stick. While she does a great job of hiding it, Beverly has a vicious and vengeful streak, and when she's not making obscene prank calls to the neighbors or bribing her garbagemen to save embarrassing items from her neighbors' trash, she's mowing down whoever would be so rude as to make her husband go into his office on a Saturday, break up with her daughter, or suggest that her son watches too many horror movies. Taking [[Performer~P218832~John Waters~johnwaters]] back to R-rated territory after the relatively sedate [[Feature~V21282~Hairspray~hairspray]] and Cry Baby, Serial Mom captures a comfortable middle ground between Hollywood professionalism and Waters' subversive sense of humor, and [[Performer~P72173~Kathleen Turner~kathleenturner]] has a field day as the sweet-on-the-outside, evil-on-the-inside Beverly. The supporting cast includes such Waters favorites as Patty Hearst, [[Performer~P43265~Traci Lords~tracilords]], [[Performer~P68420~Mink Stole~minkstole]], and [[Performer~P43517~Susan Lowe~susanlowe]]; [[Performer~P108387~Joan Rivers~joanrivers]] and [[Performer~P66854~Suzanne Somers~suzannesomers]] appear as themselves, and all-female grunge-metal band L7 plays the all-female grunge-metal band Camel Toe. ~ Mark Deming, Rovi

  • Release date:April 13, 1994


Kathleen Turner
as Beverly Sutphin
Sam Waterston
as Eugene Sutphin
Ricki Lake
as Misty Sutphin
Matthew Lillard
as Chip Sutphin
Mary Jo Catlett
as Rosemary Ackerman
Justin Whalin
as Scott
Patricia Dunnock
as Birdie
Mink Stole
as Dottie Hinkle
Lonnie Horsey
as Carl
Traci Lords
as Carl's Date
Suzanne Somers
as Herself
Jeff Mandon
as Howell Hawkins
Susan Duvall
as Lady C
John Badila
as Mr. Stubbins
Susan Lowe
as Court Groupie B
Joan Rivers
as Herself
Patricia Hearst
Walt MacPherson
as Detective Gracey
Peter Bucossi
as Rookie Cop
Jordan Young
as Kid
Rosemary Knower
as Court Groupie A
Mary Vivian Pearce
as Book Buyer
Alan J. Wendl
as Sloppy
Nat Benchley
as Macho Man


John Waters
John Fiedler
Mark Tarlov
John Waters
Robert M. Stevens
Bones Howe
Musical Direction/Supervision
Basil Poledouris
Composer (Music Score)
Rick Angelella
Musical Direction/Supervision
Erica Huggins
Janice Hampton
Vincent Peranio
Production Designer
David J. Bomba
Art Director
Pat Moran
Associate Producer
Joseph M. Caracciolo, Jr.
Executive Producer
Van Smith
Costume Designer
Pat Moran
Paula Herold