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Seducing Doctor Lewis Details


Chosen to close the Director's Fortnight section of the 2003 Cannes Film Festival, director Jean-François Pouliot's comedy chronicles the chaos wreaked when a small, down-on-its-luck town is seduced by the promise of having a big-time manufacturing plant -- on one unique condition. It seems that the company isn't willing to move to the isolated, Quebec-countryside burgh unless the mayor (Raymond Bouchard) and townsfolk can procure a doctor for them. Salvation arrives in the form of Lewis (David Boutin), a mild-mannered man from Montreal whom the townspeople begin to try to impress, persuade, or otherwise cajole into taking the job. Their methods, however, become so devious -- going so far as to tap the good doctor's phone line -- that they run the risk of being found out, and upsetting their one shot at prosperity in the process. ~ Michael Hastings, Rovi

  • Release date:May 20, 2003


Awarded by
Genie Awards Jacques Plante Best Sound Editing 2003 Nominee
Genie Awards Louise Gagne Best Costume Design 2003 Nominee
Genie Awards Marcel Pothier Best Sound Editing 2003 Nominee
Genie Awards Antoine Morin Best Sound Editing 2003 Nominee
Genie Awards Michel Descombes Best Sound 2003 Nominee
Genie Awards Normand Sarrazin Best Art Direction/Production Design 2003 Nominee
Genie Awards Raymond Bouchard Best Actor 2003 Nominee
Genie Awards Rejean Juteau Best Sound 2003 Nominee
Genie Awards Jean-François Pouliot Best Director 2003 Nominee
Genie Awards Ken Scott Best Original Screenplay 2003 Nominee
Genie Awards Allen Smith Best Cinematography 2003 Winner
Genie Awards Benoit Briere Best Supporting Actor 2003 Nominee
Genie Awards Carole Gagnon Best Sound Editing 2003 Nominee
Genie Awards Claude Hazanavicius Best Sound 2003 Nominee
Genie Awards Dominique Fortin Best Editing 2003 Nominee
Genie Awards Guy Francoeur Best Sound Editing 2003 Nominee


Raymond Bouchard
as Mayor Germain Lesage
David Boutin
as Dr Christopher Lewis
Benoit Briere
as Henri Giroux
Bruno Blanchet
as Steve Laurin
Pierre Collin
as Yvon Brunet
Lucie Laurier
as Ève Beauchemin
Rita Lafontaine
as Hélène Lesage
Caroline Bouchard
as Lucie Giroux
Roc Lafortune
as Charles Campeau
Manon Gauthier
as Mireille Laurin
Alexandrine Agostini
as Francine Fournier
Marc Legault
as Marcel Sigouin
Denis Houle
as Bartender
Louis-Philippe Dury
as Jules Auger
Marie-France Lambert
as Sylvie Auget
Louis-Philippe Dandenault
as Bertrand Pitt
Guy-Daniel Tremblay
as Rolland Lesage
Real Bosse
as Denis Lacoste
Frederic Desager
as Dr Paul Gosselin
Caroline Neron
as Voice of Brigitte
Serge Christiaenssens
as Monsieur Nadeau
Claude Gasse
as Waiter
Donald Pilon
as Monsieur Dupré
Gilles Pelletier
as Alphonse Pinsonneault


Jean-François Pouliot
Roger Frappier
Luc Vandal
Ken Scott
Allen Smith
Jean-Marie Benoit
Composer (Music Score)
Dominique Fortin
Normand Sarrazin
Production Designer
Daniel Hamelin
Production Designer
Normand Sarrazin
Art Director
Louise Gagne
Costume Designer
Daniel Hamelin
Set Decorator
Ken Meany
Set Decorator
Rejean Juteau
Sound/Sound Designer
Marcel Pothier
Sound/Sound Designer
Mireille Goulet
First Assistant Director
Lucie Robitaille
Antoine Morin
Sound Effects Editor
Robert Guertin
Second Unit Camera
Brigitte Levesque
Location Manager
Guy Francoeur
Sound Editor
Jacques Plante
Sound Editor
Sylvie Lacoste
Post Production Coordinator
Carole Gagnon
Sound Editor
Lorraine Craig
Jacques Fortier
Nadine Gilliot
Key Make-up
Jean-Marie Benoit
Gilbert Verreault
Lynn Charette
Pierre Raymond
Visual Effects Producer
Denis Caspar
Matthieu Tessier
Hair Styles
Michel Descombes
Re-Recording Mixer
Sandro Di Gioacchino
Hair Styles
Claude Hazanavicius
Sound Recordist
Monique Gervais
Script Supervisor