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The Secret Six Details


Bootleggers Louis Scorpio (Wallace Beery) and Johnny Franks (Ralph Bellamy), with the advice of their alcoholic lawyer Richard Newton (Lewis Stone), try to muscle in on the territory of gangster "Smiling Joe" Colimo (John Miljan). Franks kills Colimo's brother and tries to frame Scorpio, but Scorpio kills both him and olimo. Newspaper reporters Hank Rogers (Johnny Mack Brown) and Carl Luckner (Clark Gable) investigate with help from "The Secret Six," a consortium of businessmen eager to fight crime, but when Scorpio's moll Anne Courtland (Jean Harlow) tries to help them, Scorpio kidnaps her and Carl. The two hostages are rescued by "The Secret Six" and the police, and Scorpio and Newton shoot each other fighting over their money. ~ Nicole Gagne, Rovi


Wallace Beery
as Louis Scorpio
Johnny Mack Brown
as Hank Rogers
Jean Harlow
as Anne Courtland
Marjorie Rambeau
as Peaches
Paul Hurst
as Nick Mizoski, the Gouger
Clark Gable
as Carl Luckner
Ralph Bellamy
as Johnny Franks
John Miljan
as Smiling Joe Colimo
DeWitt Jennings
as Chief Donlin
Murray Kinnell
as Dummy Metz
Louis Natheaux
as Eddie
Frank McGlynn, Sr.
as Judge
Lewis Stone
as Richard Newton
Theodore Von Eltz
as District Attorney
Tom London
as Hood
Theodore Von Eltz
as District Attorney
Lewis Stone
as Richard Newton


Frances Marion
Harold Wenstrom
Blanche Sewell
Cedric Gibbons
Art Director
Rene Hubert
Costume Designer