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The Secret Lives of Dentists Details


A gentle man suddenly finds himself at a loss for what to do when he suspects his wife has been unfaithful in this comedy drama from director Alan Rudolph. David and Dana Hurst (Campbell Scott and Hope Davis) are a married couple with three children who also happen to be dentists who share an office. David is a quiet and reserved sort, while Dana has been quietly but obviously unhappy with things recently. Backstage at a community theater production, David sees Dana in the arms of another man and is immediately certain she's having an affair, a suspicion only deepened by her continued dark mood, long periods of silence, and frequent trips out of the house. Slater (Denis Leary) is a disgruntled patient of the Hursts who has gone public with his unhappiness over their work; as David tries to work out Slater's differences, Slater becomes a frequent (and not always welcome) visitor in David's home. As he observes the obvious tension in David and Dana's relationship, Slater begins offering his own gruff brand of advice to David -- including acting cooler and informing Dana "I could kill you" at the dinner table. Co-produced by leading man Campbell Scott, The Secret Lives of Dentists was based on the novel The Age of Grief by Jane Smiley. ~ Mark Deming, Rovi

  • Release date:August 1, 2003


Awarded by
National Society of Film Critics Hope Davis Best Actress - Runner-up 2003 Winner
New York Film Critics Circle Hope Davis Best Actress 2003 Winner
Independent Spirit Awards Hope Davis Best Supporting Actress 2003 Nominee
National Society of Film Critics Craig Lucas Best Screenplay (Runner-up) 2003 Winner
New York Film Critics Circle Craig Lucas Best Screenplay 2003 Winner


Campbell Scott
as David Hurst
Hope Davis
as Dana Hurst
Denis Leary
as Slater
Robin Tunney
as Laura
Gianna Beleno
as Lizzie Hurst
Cassidy Hinkle
as Leah Hurst
Lydia Jordan
as Stephanie Hurst
Kevin Carroll
as Dr. Danny
Kate Clinton
as Elaine


Alan Rudolph
Alan Rudolph
Campbell Scott
George VanBuskirk
Craig Lucas
Florian Ballhaus
Jonathan McHugh
Musical Direction/Supervision
Andy Keir
Ted Glass
Production Designer
Anna Louizos
Art Director
Jonathan Filley
Jonathan Filley
Executive Producer
Bruce Cowen
Executive Producer
David Newman
Executive Producer
Martin Garvey
Executive Producer
Alyssa Winter
Set Designer
Amy Westcott
Costume Designer
William Sarokin
Sound/Sound Designer
Pam Dixon Mickelson
Pam Dixon
Jane Smiley
Short Story Author
Marlena Grzaslewicz
Supervising Sound Editor