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Sea of Love is a sexy, atmospheric thriller, very much in the style of Alfred Hitchcock, with involving characters, steamy love scenes, and surprising plot twists. Frank Keller (Al Pacino), is a lonely, tired, disillusioned, police detective, who has a problem with alcohol. Frank is investigating a serial killer, whom he believes finds victims by using personal ads in magazines, killing them while playing the old record "Sea of Love." In a scene both amusing and touching, Frank and his partner, Sherman (John Goodman) --aided by Frank's father (William Hickey in a lovely cameo) place a personal ad, hoping to lure the killer. Helen Cruger (Ellen Barkin), a tough, sexy single mother answers the ad and begins an affair with Frank, despite the fact that she is one of the prime suspects in the case. The suspense builds as Frank, though deeply drawn to Helen, becomes more and more suspicious of her. In a splendidly crafted script from Richard Price, the plot is compelling, with plenty of action, terrific authentic dialogue and superb characterization. Ellen Barkin gives a marvelous performance as an independent, sensual and intriguing femme fatale; John Goodman is excellent as Sherman, giving a likable, shrewd, and subtly comic performance; and Pacino, in perhaps his best performance since Richard Price, plays Frank as a man on the edge, reckless and self-destructive, lost and alone. Frank falls in love with Helen, in spite of himself, because of his loneliness and need. Pacino's skill in showing the vulnerability and neediness of Frank explains the somewhat implausible actions of his character in continuing their affair despite the mounting evidence against Helen. Harold Becker directs with great flair, bringing the story believability, without lapsing into false sentimentality. ~ Linda Rasmussen, Rovi

  • Release date:September 15, 1989


Awarded by
Hollywood Foreign Press Association Al Pacino Best Performance by an Actor in a Motion Picture - Musical or Comedy 1989 Nominee


Al Pacino
as Frank Keller
Ellen Barkin
as Helen Cruger
John Goodman
as Sherman
Michael Rooker
as Terry
William Hickey
as Frank Keller, Sr.
Richard Jenkins
as Gruber
Barbara Baxley
as Miss Allen
Patricia Barry
as Older Woman
Jacqueline Brookes
as Helen's Mother
Michael O'Neill
as Raymond Brown
Paul Calderon
as Serafino
Gene Canfield
as Struk
Larry Joshua
as Dargan
John Spencer
as Lieutenant
Mark Phelan
as Murdered Man
Nancy Beatty
as Raymond Brown's Wife
James O'Regan
as Hallway Cop
Thom Curley
as Toastmaster
Igor Stern
as Violinist
Hugh Thompson
as Young Cop
Dwayne McClary
as Supermarket Cashier
Bridget O'Sullivan
as Sherman's Wife
Delaney Moore-Wickham
as Helen's Daughter
Damien Leake
as Ernest Lee
Christofer de Oni
as Supermarket Manager
Miranda de Pencier
as Bride
Franz Fridal
as Criminal Type
Brian Paul
as Mackey
Fred Sanders
as Cable Supervisor
Christine Estabrook
as Gina Gallagher
Jackie Laidlaw
as Yuppie Detective
Nancy Gianzero
as Chris
Ferne Downey
as Sasha
Lorraine Bracco
as Franks Ex-Wife (footage added for TV)
Rafael Baez
as Efram Maldonado
Joshua Nelson
as Willie
James Kidnie
as Surveillance Team
Paul Hubbard
as Yuppie Detective
Manny Alfaro
as Doorman
Gerald Lenton
as Murdered Man
Wayne Best
as Hallway Cop
John Thaddeus
as Tommy
Michael Fischetti
as Doorman
Samuel L. Jackson
as Black Guy
Luis Ramos
as Omar Maldonado
Ty Templeton
as Groom
Thomas Wagner
as Bartender
Tony de Santis
as Clipboard Guy #1


Harold Becker
Richard Price
Adam Holender
Trevor Jones
Composer (Music Score)
David Bretherton
Michael Polakow
Louis A. Stroller
Martin Bregman
Michael S. Bregman
Associate Producer
Gordon Sim
Set Designer
Betsy Cox
Costume Designer
Andy Chmura
Camera Operator
Shane Cardwell
Dick Ziker
Glenn Wilder
Buddy Joe Hooker
Mary Colquhoun
Barbara Kelly
Production Manager
Irene Kent