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The Sea Shall Not Have Them Details


The Sea Shall Not Have Them is our candidate for the most dramatic title of any British World War II film. Happily, the film itself upholds the promise of its name. The focus of the story is a dramatic rescue at sea, which consumes well over a third of the running time. A British bomber carrying high-ranking officer Michael Redgrave, commander Dirk Bogarde and two other men is blasted out of the sky by a German plane. The four men survive, board an inflatable dinghy, and patiently await rescue in the storm-tossed Atlantic. The Air-Sea Rescue Units are poised to write off the search for the downed flyers as hopeless, but Redgrave is carrying vital documents, and is therefore not expendable. Based on a novel by John Harris, The Sea Shall Not Have Them scores highest on its suspense content, and lowest on its banal dialogue exchanges. ~ Hal Erickson, Rovi


Michael Redgrave
as Air Commodore Waltby
Dirk Bogarde
as Flight Sgt. Mackay
Bonar Colleano
as Sgt. Kirby
Jack Watling
as Flight Officer Harding
Anthony Steel
as Flying Officer Treherne
Nigel Patrick
as Flying Sergeant Slingsby
James Kenney
as Corporal Skinner
Sydney Tafler
as Corporal Robb
Ian Whittaker
as A.C.2 Milliken
Griffith Jones
as Group Captain Todd
Guy Middleton
as Squadron Leader Scott
Jack Lambert
as Squadron Leader Craig
Paul Carpenter
as Lt. Pat Boyle
Eddie Byrne
as Porter
Anton Diffring
as German Pilot
George Rose
as Tebbitt
Joan Sims
as Hilda Tebbitt
Ann Gudrun
as Kirby's Fiancee
John Mitchell
Victor Maddern
as Gus Westover
Michael Balfour
as Dray
Nigel Green
as Met Officer Howard
Glyn Houston
as Knox
Michael Ripper
as Botterill
Jack Taylor
as Robinson
Moultrie Kelsall
as Wing Commander Dixon
Jack Taylor
as Robinson
Nigel Green
as Met Officer Howard
Victor Maddern
as Gus Westover
Glyn Houston
as Knox
Michael Ripper
as Botterill
Michael Balfour
as Dray


Lewis Gilbert
Daniel M. Angel
Lewis Gilbert
Stephen Dade
Muir Mathieson
Musical Direction/Supervision
Malcolm Arnold
Composer (Music Score)
Bernard Robinson
Art Director
Basil Keys
First Assistant Director
Moray Grant
Camera Operator