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Scorpio Details


This spy thriller from future [[Feature~V12933~Death Wish~deathwish]] (1974) director [[Performer~P117072~Michael Winner~michaelwinner]] stars [[Performer~P98588~Burt Lancaster~burtlancaster]] as the enigmatic Cross, a CIA agent who has hired a government assassin, Jean Laurier ([[Performer~P87436~Alain Delon~alaindelon]]), to kill an Arab terrorist. Once they return home, Laurier is arrested by his superior, McLeod ([[Performer~P14139~John Colicos~johncolicos]]), who wants to know why Cross is still alive, as Laurier was ordered to kill him as well. Laurier doesn't think that Cross is guilty of the crime, but he relents and agrees to carry out the contract for a higher price. Cross, suspected of selling secrets to the Soviets, learns that his life is in danger and flees to Vienna, where he is aided by a former comrade-in-arms from WWII, the sympathetic KGB agent Sergei Zharkov ([[Performer~P64000~Paul Scofield~paulscofield]]). When Cross learns that his wife ([[Performer~P42597~Joanne Linville~joannelinville]]) has been murdered by McLeod, he returns to the U.S. and kills him, leading to a bloody final confrontation with a reluctant Laurier, who is shocked to discover that his lover ([[Performer~P33951~Gayle Hunnicutt~gaylehunnicutt]]) is in league with Cross. Scorpio (1973) was the writing debut of [[Performer~P108321~David W. Rintels~davidwrintels]], who went on to author several critically respected made-for-TV films. ~ Karl Williams, Rovi

  • Release date:April 19, 1973


Burt Lancaster
as Cross
Alain Delon
as Laurier
Paul Scofield
as Zharkov
John Colicos
as McLeod
Gayle Hunnicutt
as Susan
J.D. Cannon
as Filchock
George Mikell
as Dor
Robert Emhardt
as Man In Hotel
Jack Colvin
as Thief
Mel Stewart
as Pick
Sandor Eles
as Malkin
James B. Sikking
as Harris
Mary Maude
as Ann
Burke Byrnes
as Morrison
Woodrow Chambliss
Shmuel Rodensky
as Lang
Joanne Linville
as Sarah
Frederick Jaeger
as Novins
William Smithers
as Mitchell
Howard Morton
as Heck Thomas
Celeste Yarnall
as Helen Thomas
Vladek Sheybal
as Zametkin


Michael Winner
Walter Mirisch
Jerry Fielding
Composer (Music Score)
Freddie Wilson
Michael Dryhurst
First Assistant Director