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Say You'll Be Mine Details


A group of big-city twentysomethings are either looking for love or trying to get love to stick around in the romantic comedy Say You'll Be Mine. Ben ([[Performer~P37063~Nicky Katt~nickykatt]]) is an aspiring writer who for years has had a ferocious crush on his friend Julia ([[Performer~P196670~Libby Langdon~libbylangdon]]). But Julia is more interested in his best friend Josh ([[Performer~P234939~Daniel Lapaine~daniellapaine]]) -- in fact, they're getting married. Julia, meanwhile, is trying to fix Ben up with Melanie ([[Performer~P74646~Megan Ward~meganward]]), who's studying acting; Ben likes Melanie well enough, but is still trying to adjust himself to the fact she just isn't Julia. Ben is looking for advice, but has trouble finding a sympathetic ear -- his sister Chelsea ([[Performer~P4512~Justine Bateman~justinebateman]]) is a divorce lawyer who mistakenly shot her husband and went in to work the next morning. Meanwhile, Melanie has to deal with her roommates, Mason and Catherine ([[Performer~P195174~Gil Bellows~gilbellows]] and [[Performer~P200266~Rya Kihlstedt~ryakihlstedt]]), a married couple who have furiously loud arguments when they're not having furiously louder sex. Say You'll Be Mine was the debut feature for writer/director [[Performer~P36783~Brad Kane~bradkane]]; he originally wrote the script when he was only 21. ~ Mark Deming, Rovi

  • Release date:September 13, 2001