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Saving Grace Details


This is an Italian comedy about a runaway, incognito Pope who makes his way to a village for a temporary stay and tries to bring a few good works to fruition while there. After Pope Leo XIV gets locked out of the Vatican garden one day, he opts for taking off on a small escape from official and bureaucratic burdens. Since he is not in his robes, who's to know? He heads for a remote village in the south of Italy that has no priest. He finds shelter with a former hooker and her mute daughter and then sets to work overcoming the local thugs and repairing a broken aqueduct. Meanwhile, back at the Vatican, the Cardinals are wringing their hands, trying to hide the fact that His Holiness has taken a powder. ~ Eleanor Mannikka, Rovi

  • Release date:January 24, 2000


Tom Conti
as Pope Leo XIV
Fernando Rey
as Cardinal Stefano Biondi
Erland Josephson
as Monsignor Francesco Ghezzi
Giancarlo Giannini
as Abalardi
Donald Hewlett
as Monsignor Colin McGee
Angelo Evans
as Giuliano
Edward James Olmos
as Ciolino
Patricia Mauceri
as Lucia
Don Sciarrino
as Monitor Room Guard
Angelo Panarella
as Bastiano
Peter Boom
as Tourist
Fabio Caretti
as Acolytes
Marta Zoffoli
as Isabella
Benito Pucciariello
as Montepetra Bartender
Margherita Horowitz
as Nun Interpreter
Agnes Nobercourt
as Woman With Sick Boy
Massimo Serato
as Monsignor Betti
Ettore Martini
as Bishop
Domenico Modena
as Tonino
Guido Alberti
as Cardinal Augusto Morante
Julian Jenkyns
as Tourist Group Leader
Paolo Merosi
Claudio Masin
as Carabiniere at Montepetra
Francesco Cinieri
Jorge Krimer
as Secretary, Sistine Chapel
Natale Nazzareno
as Rigio Guard
Joe Chevalier
as Man Robbed in Rigio
Mauro Sacripante
as Reporter
Tom Felleghy
as Ambassador
Carlo Monni
as Pizzeria Owner
Francesca Roberti
Italo Furlan
Massimo Sarchielli
as Fortunato
Tessa Passante
as Vatican Switchboard Operator
Robert Sommer
as Mr. Carver
Fernando Cartocci
as Truck Driver


Robert M. Young
Robert M. Young
Tom Conti
Richard Kramer
David S. Ward
Celia Gittelson
Book Author
Reynaldo Villalobos
Michael Kelly
Peter Zinner
Giovanni Natalucci
Production Designer
Newt Arnold
Associate Producer
Joe Chevalier
Set Designer
Vittoria Guaita
Costume Designer
Adriano Pischiutta
Special Effects
Eros Bacciucchi
Special Effects