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Save the Green Planet! Details


The genre-bending black comedy sci-fi thriller Save the Green Planet! marks the feature debut of writer/director [[Performer~P275766~Jang Jun-hwan~jangjoonhwan]]. [[Performer~P302313~Shin Ha-kyun~shinhakyun]] of [[Feature~V227029~Joint Security Area~jsajointsecurityarea]] stars as Byun-gu, an eccentric beekeeper who, with the help of his tightrope walker girlfriend, Sooni ([[Performer~P353467~Hwang Jeong-min~hwangjeongmin]]), kidnaps a powerful and successful businessman, Man-sik ([[Performer~P368136~Baek Yun-shik~baekyunshik]]). Byun-gu believes that Man-sik is an alien from the planet Andromeda, one of many hiding among us and plotting to destroy the Earth in a few days. Amphetamine-popping Byun-gu sees himself as the planet's last hope, and sets about torturing Man-sik with relish, trying to convince him to contact the "Royal Prince" and call off Armageddon. A battle of wits and wills ensues, with Man-sik trying to convince his captors that he's human and attempting to escape. Man-sik recognizes Byun-gu as a disgruntled former employee whose comatose mother suffers from a mysterious illness. It begins to seem that Byun-gu's true motivation may be personal, but he's still ruthlessly determined to get Man-sik to confess and cooperate, even if he has to risk killing him. Meanwhile, a disheveled detective, Chu ([[Performer~P368137~Lee Jae-yong~leejaeyong]]), and his young acolyte, Inspector Kim ([[Performer~P368138~Lee Ju-hyeon~leejuhyeon]]), discover that the person who kidnapped Man-sik may have struck several times before, always with deadly results. The distinctly offbeat Save the Green Planet! was a box-office flop in South Korea, but it won some acclaim on the festival circuit. The film had its U.S. premiere at the 2004 New York Korean Film Festival. ~ Josh Ralske, Rovi

  • Release date:April 4, 2003


Jang Joon-hwan
Kim Sun-ah
Tcha Sung-Jai
Scha Sung-jai
Noh Jong-yun
Jang Joon-hwan
Hong Gyeong-pyo
Michael Staudacher
Composer (Music Score)
Park Gok-ji
Jang Geun-yeong
Art Director
Kim Gyeong-heui
Art Director
Lee Kang-beok
Executive Producer
Jeong Hong-gyun
Executive Producer
Jeong Do-ahn
Special Effects
Jang Seong-ho
CGI Effects
Jang Seong-ho
Visual Effects