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Saturday the 14th Details


In this early '80s send-up of venerable horror clichés, Richard Benjamin and Paula Prentiss star as John and Mary, an ordinary couple who inherit a mysterious house from a deceased uncle. Along with kids Debbie (Kari Michaelsen) and Billy (Kevin Brando), they move into the musty mansion, unaware that vampire Waldemar (Jeffrey Tambor) and his wife are desperately seeking an ancient book housed within its walls. Soon, Billy finds the book and learns that opening it releases an assortment of scary creatures. John and Mary, however, refuse to believe Billy's tall tales, not even after Mary ends up with puncture marks in her neck and an aversion to normal food. Soon, a mer-man is stalking Debbie in the bathtub, relatives are disappearing and monsters have taken over the house. Help arrives in the form of the wise Van Helsing (Severn Darden) -- or does it? Saturday the 14th provided the directorial debut for veteran horror screenwriter Howard R. Cohen, who would return to the same territory with 1988's Saturday the 14th Strikes Back. Benjamin, who is married to Prentiss in real life, also appeared in the horror satire Love at First Bite. ~ Brian J. Dillard, Rovi


Richard Benjamin
as John
Paula Prentiss
as Mary
Severn Darden
as Van Helsing
Jeffrey Tambor
as Waldemar
Kari Michaelsen
as Debbie
Craig Coulter
as Duane
Roberta Collins
as Cousin Rhonda
Rosemary de Camp
as Aunt Lucille
Annie O'Donnell
as Annette
Michael Miller
as Ernie Muldowney
Irwin Russo
as Truck Driver
Stacy Keach
as Attorney
Patrick Campbell
as Mailman
Carol Androsky
as Marge


Howard R. Cohen
Julie Corman
Howard R. Cohen
Jeff Begun
Screen Story
Jeff Begun
Daniel Lacambre
Parmer Fuller
Composer (Music Score)
Kent Beyda
Joanne D'Antonio
Arlene Alen
Art Director
Jeff Begun
John Wright
Set Decorator
Ronald Judkins
Sound/Sound Designer
Nicole Scott
First Assistant Director
Ronald Judkins
Sound Mixer
Marie Consiglio
Production Manager
Connie Sech
Costumes Assistant
Alan Toomayan
First Assistant Editor
Veronica Flynn
Script Supervisor
Mark Lione
First Assistant Editor
Nicole Scott
Production Coordinator
Jude Parker
Second Assistant Director
Joanne D'Antonio
Sound Editor
Sarah Bardo