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Santa Claus Conquers the Martians Details


Alien invaders kidnap everyone's favorite right jolly old elf in this low-budget mixture of children's comedy and sci-fi adventure. Christmas is not far away, and countless children are glued to their family's TV sets, watching reports about Santa Claus ([[Performer~P10281~John Call~johncall]]). However, this is happening on Mars, and leaders of the Red Planet aren't sure what to do for their kids who are pining away for a visit from the gift-bearing earthling. Martian leader Kimar ([[Performer~P32191~Leonard Hicks~leonardhicks]]) dispatches two of his emissaries, the chronically grumpy Voldar ([[Performer~P4881~Vincent Beck~vincentbeck]]) and the moronically cheerful Dropo ([[Performer~P47210~Bill McCutcheon~billmccutcheon]]), to Earth to bring Santa back for a visit. After arriving on Earth, Voldar and Dropo abduct two children, Betty ([[Performer~P14456~Donna Conforti~donnaconforti]]) and Billy ([[Performer~P68314~Victor Stiles~victorstiles]]), and order the kids to show them the way to Santa's workshop, from which all three are taken to Mars against their will. As Santa, Betty, and Billy try to find a way back to Earth, Voldar becomes enraged with the Earth kids, while the children bond more comfortably with the intellectually-challenged Dropo. Shot on a shoestring budget on Long Island, Santa Claus Conquers the Martians has developed a rabid cult following over the years, and yes, it's true, Kimar's daughter Girmar really is played by a ten-year-old [[Performer~P78354~Pia Zadora~piazadora]]. ~ Mark Deming, Rovi

  • Release date:November 14, 1964


Josip Elic
as Shim/Torg
Bill McCutcheon
as Dropo
Gene Lindsey
as Polar Bear
Jamie Farr
as Stobo
Leonard Hicks
as Kimar
Al Nesor
as Stobo
Pia Zadora
as Girmar
John Call
as Santa Claus
Victor Stiles
as Billy
Carl Don
as Von Green/Chochem
Ned Wertimer
as TV News Announcer
Vincent Beck
as Voldar


Glenville Mareth
Milton Delugg
Composer (Music Score)
Milton Delugg
Roy Alfred
Maurice Gordon
Art Director
Ramse Mostoller
Costume Designer