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Dubbed an Australian [[Feature~V131235~Pulp Fiction~pulpfiction]] for the rave generation, this slick, achingly-cool crime drama is set in seedy Sydney neighborhoods not likely found in the glossy pages of summer Olympic tourist brochures. TT ([[Performer~P89708~David Field~davidfield]]), a violent and very wealthy drug lord, is betrayed by his mistress Jess (pop-sensation [[Performer~P197071~Kylie Minogue~kylieminogue]]) and her beau Andy ([[Performer~P223367~Simon Lyndon~simonlyndon]]), who plan on robbing him of cash and dope. Unfortunately, TT is hip to their scheming. Meanwhile, rock musician Sem ([[Performer~P264023~Joel Edgerton~joeledgerton]]) has a vision that his girlfriend Cleo ([[Performer~P266048~Paula Arundell~paulaarundell]]) is in peril. Sem wants to start a new life with her far away from the city, but his plans are hampered by the weirdly-epicene John ([[Performer~P48385~Ben Mendelsohn~benmendelsohn]]) who leads them astray. At the same time, Len ([[Performer~P270260~Nathan Page~nathanpage]]), who works a thankless job at a falafel stand, pines for the fetching young lass DJ Lush Puppy (Nathalie Roy). Finally, there's Joey ([[Performer~P61583~Justin Rosniak~justinrosniak]]), a rather thick kid who thinks that he's a gangbanger straight outta Compton. His friend Gus (Matthew Wilkinson) realizes that his buddy has a gun and is dumb enough to use it. ~ Jonathan Crow, Rovi


Frans Vandenburg
John Santucci
Production Designer
Michelle McGahey
Production Designer
Jonathan Shteinman
Executive Producer
Ruth de la Lande
Costume Designer
David Wolfe-Barry
First Assistant Director
Greg Apps
David Lightfoot
Line Producer