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The Samaritan Details


A weary ex-con finds his attempt to turn his back on his criminal past complicated when his former partner-in-crime's son blackmails him into conning a ruthless businessman out of $8 million. A lifetime ago, Foley (Samuel L. Jackson) was a grade-A grifter. But the con-artist lifestyle ultimately caught up with him, landing him a 25-year prison sentence. Upon his release, Foley believes he'll never be able to escape the shadow of his past. But that all starts to change when Foley meets Iris (Ruth Negga), a pretty girl with her own set of regrets, who sees a good man where many others see a lost cause. Meanwhile, just when it seems as if a happy future is finally within his reach, Foley is approached by Ethan (Luke Kirby), the son of his former criminal cohort, and an aspiring hustler who's eager to learn the lessons his father never taught him. Ethan's boss Xavier (Tom Wilkinson) is a self-made millionaire with a fierce reputation, but the ambitious young upstart sees him as the perfect target. With Foley's help, they'll earn a cool $8 million by pulling a classic con known as "The Samaritan." Initially, Foley rejects Ethan's offer. But Ethan isn't about to let the opportunity of a lifetime slip through his fingers, and soon the stakes are personal for Foley. Later, when everything starts to go wrong, Foley realizes that with more than his own fate hanging in the balance, he's got no choice but to do what he does best, and let the consequences be damned. ~ Jason Buchanan, Rovi

  • Release date:May 18, 2012


Samuel L. Jackson
as Foley
Luke Kirby
as Ethan
Ruth Negga
as Iris
Tom Wilkinson
as Xavier
Gil Bellows
as Bartender Bill
Aaron Poole
as Jake
Tom McCamus
as Deacon
Martha Burns
as Gretchen
Alan C. Peterson
as Miro
Robert Archer
as Vernon Hicks
Diana LeBlanc
as Celia
Rufus Crawford
as Construction Foreman
Deborah Kara Unger
as Helena
Jonas Chernick
as Club Manager


David Weaver
David Weaver
Andras Hamori
Elan Mastai
Elan Mastai
David Weaver
Francois Dagenais
Todor Kobakov
Composer (Music Score)
Geoff Ashenhurst
Matthew Davies
Production Designer
Cynthia Graves
Associate Producer
Jane Tattersall
Associate Producer
Lacia Kornylo
Executive Producer
James Atherton
Executive Producer
Mark Musselman
Executive Producer
Samuel L. Jackson
Executive Producer
Eli Selden
Executive Producer
Patrick Antosh
Costume Designer
Nina Gold
Sara Kay
Jenny Lewis
Derek Rappaport
Line Producer