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Saint John of Las Vegas Details


A compulsive gambler attempts to cure his addiction by moving from Las Vegas to Albuquerque and working at an auto insurance company, only to find old temptations cropping up once again when he's sent out to investigate a dubious car accident just outside of Sin City. After a string of bad luck at the tables, John (Steve Buscemi) decides to give up gambling and take a shot at a "normal" life. Arriving in Albuquerque and landing a job at an auto insurance company, John goes to work for Mr. Townsend (Peter Dinklage), who pairs him with the company's top fraud debunker, Virgil (Romany Malco), and sends them out on an investigation together. While John is eager to get a promotion, he's reluctant to go anywhere near Las Vegas, and before he leaves he strikes up a tenuous romance with his eccentric co-worker Jill (Sarah Silverman). On the road, Virgil and John encounter a series of offbeat characters including a nude militant (Tim Blake Nelson), a wheelchair-bound stripper (Emmanuelle Chriqui), and a carnival human torch (John Cho). But while Virgil is the one with the experience, John gradually begins to assert himself and soon his efforts begin to pay off as the case moves closer to conclusion. As John's confidence grows, he becomes increasingly aware of the fact that running away from his gambling problem is not the solution, and that he'll only be able to move forward by returning to Las Vegas to face his demons head on. ~ Jason Buchanan, Rovi

  • Release date:January 29, 2010


Steve Buscemi
as John
Romany Malco
as Virgil
Peter Dinklage
as Mr. Townsend
Sarah Silverman
as Jill
Emmanuelle Chriqui
as Tasty D Lite
John Cho
as Smitty
Tim Blake Nelson
as Militant Ned
Jesse Garcia
as Park Ranger
Matthew McDuffie
as Lucyfer
as Albuquerque Counter Girl
Ben Zeller
as Truck Stop Owner
Shawn Prince
as Ticket Taker (K)
Danny Trejo
as Bismarck
Stephen Eiland
as Mordecai
Josh Berry
as Manager
Isaac Kappy
as Geek
Gorneth D'oyley
as Dealer


Hue Rhodes
Mark Burton
Lawrence Mattis
Kelly McCormick
Matt Wall
Hue Rhodes
Giles Nuttgens
David Torn
Composer (Music Score)
Dondi Bastone
Musical Direction/Supervision
Annette Davey
Rosario Provenza
Production Designer
David Alpert
Executive Producer
Stanley Tucci
Executive Producer
Steve Buscemi
Executive Producer
Spike Lee
Executive Producer
Wren Arthur
Executive Producer
Lisa Jensen
Costume Designer
Heidi Levitt
Lisa Essary
Stephen Dyer
Line Producer