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Safe Conduct Details


During the Nazi occupation of France during World War II, the nation's movie studios continued to operate; some filmmakers and technicians simply went along with what their new leaders demanded in hopes keeping themselves and their families safe, while others sought to subvert the messages of their captors through their work. Safe Conduct, directed by Bertrand Tavernier, is a fact-based period drama which examines two men working for a Parisian film company during 1942 and 1943, as well as their friends, family, and loved ones. Jean Devaivre (played by Jacques Gamblin) is an assistant director for Continental Pictures, a studio which has recently been taken over by the Germans and is headed by Dr. Greven (Christian Berkel), a self-styled aficionado of French filmmaking. With a wife (Marie Desgranges) and a newborn son to support, Devaivre feels he has little choice but to continue with his work, though as he rises from assisting to becoming a full fledged director thanks to the efforts of Maurice Tourneur (Philippe Morier-Genoud), he struggles to work his own views into his pictures as much as he can. Screenwriter Jean Aurenche (Denis Podalydes), a man who lives for wine, women and song (not necessarily in that order), refuses to work for Greven, and as he bounces between his many lovers - actress Suzanne Raymond (Charlotte Kady), no-nonsense streetwalker Olga (Marie Gillain), and soft-hearted Reine (Maria Pitarresi), a struggles to find a way to make a living with his words. Both Devaivre and Aurenche were real-life figures in the French film industry during the occupation, as were many of Safe Conduct's supporting characters; the real life Aurenche went on to write the screenplay for Bertrand Travernier's first feature film. ~ Mark Deming, Rovi

  • Release date:October 11, 2002


Awarded by
Berlin International Film Festival Jacques Gamblin Silver Bear for Best Actor 2001 Winner
Berlin International Film Festival Jacques Gamblin Silver Bear for Best Actor 2002 Winner
Berlin International Film Festival Antoine Duhamel Silver Bear for Best Film Music 2001 Winner
Berlin International Film Festival Antoine Duhamel Silver Bear for Best Film Music 2002 Winner
French Academy of Cinema Antoine Duhamel Best Original Score 2002 Nominee
French Academy of Cinema Emile Ghigo Best Production Design 2002 Nominee


Jacques Gamblin
as Jean Devaivre
Denis Podalydès
as Jean Aurenche
Christian Berkel
as Dr. Greven
Marie Gillain
as Olga
Charlotte Kady
as Suzanne Raymond
Marie Desgranges
as Simone Devaivre
Maria Pitarresi
as Reine Sorignal
Thierry Gibault
as Paul Maillebuau
Philippe Morier-Genoud
as Maurice Tourneur
Christophe Odent
as Pierre Bost
Ged Marlon
as Jean-Paul Le Chanois
Laurent Schilling
as Charles Spaak
Olivier Brun
as Jacques Dubuis
Olivier Gourmet
Richard Sammel
Liliane Rovere
Serge Riaboukine
Pierre Lacan
Jean-Yves Roan


Bertrand Tavernier
Frederic Bourboulon
Alain Sarde
Jean Cosmos
Jean Devaivre
Book Author
Bertrand Tavernier
Alain Choquart
Antoine Duhamel
Composer (Music Score)
Sophie Brunet
Emile Ghigo
Production Designer
Christine Gozlan
Associate Producer
Valerie Pozzo di Borgo
Costume Designer
Elisabeth Paquotte
Sound/Sound Designer
Michel Desrois
Sound/Sound Designer
Gerard Lamps
Sound/Sound Designer
Valerie Othenin-Girard
First Assistant Director

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