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Run Silent, Run Deep Details


The contrasting acting styles of Clark Gable and Burt Lancaster serve to increase the already high tension level of the WW2 drama Run Silent, Run Deep. Gable plays submarine commander "Rich" Richardson, who assumes command of the USS Nerka. Because his previous sub was sunk by the Japanese under highly suspect circumstances, Richardson inspires nothing but animosity from his new crew. Particularly hostile is executive officer Lt. Jim Bledsoe (Burt Lancaster), who'd assumed that he was next in line to command the Nerka. Obsessed with tracking down the Japanese destroyer that sank his old sub, Richardson drives his crew mercilessly, and even disobeys direct orders from his own higher-ups. The Nerka manages to blast the Japanese vessel out of the waters, but in so doing the sub is placed in dire peril in enemy waters. In his desperate efforts to save the Nerka, Richardson at long last wins the respect of Bledsoe and the rest of the crew. Featured in the cast of Run Silent, Run Deep are Burt Lancaster's old circus partner Nick Cravat, and, in his unbilled movie debut, Don Rickles. ~ Hal Erickson, Rovi

  • Release date:March 27, 1958


Clark Gable
as Comdr. Richardson
Burt Lancaster
as Lt. Jim Bledsoe
Jack Warden
as Mueller
Brad Dexter
as Cartwright
Don Rickles
as Ruby
Nick Cravat
as Russo
Joe Maross
as Kohler
Mary Laroche
as Laura
Rudy Bond
as Cullen
Ken Lynch
as Frank
Joel Fluellen
as Bragg


Robert Wise
Harold Hecht
John Gay
Russell Harlan
Franz Waxman
Composer (Music Score)
George Boemler
Edward Carrere
Art Director
William Schorr
Associate Producer
Ross Dowd
Set Designer
Fred Lau
Sound/Sound Designer
Howard Lydecker
Special Effects
Arnold A. Gillespie
Special Effects
Clifford Stine
Special Effects
Emmett Emerson
First Assistant Director
Frank Prehoda