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Rotten to the Core Details


England's famed comedy brothers John Boulting and Roy Boulting created this caper about a trio of crooks plotting to retrieve their ill-gotten booty. Jelly Knight (Dudley Sutton), Lenny the Dip (Kenneth Griffith), and Scapa Flood (James Beckett) are released from the stir upon finishing their sentence for pulling off a heist. They immediately go in search of their one-time leader, The Duke (Anton Rodgers), who was supposed to safeguard their share of the money. When they find the Duke's girlfriend Sara (Charlotte Rampling), she tells them that the Duke is dead, and the money is long gone. It's not long before the gang discovers that she's lying, however, and that the Duke is masquerading as the head of a spa, the Hope Springs Nature Clinic, where he is planning a felony with some criminal cronies. Jelly, Lenny, and Scapa get in on the scam, while Sara dallies with Lieutenant Vine (Ian Bannen), an officer from a nearby army camp. ~ Karl Williams, Rovi


Anton Rodgers
as Duke
Eric Sykes
as Hunt
Charlotte Rampling
as Sara Capell
Kenneth Griffith
as Lenny
Ian Bannen
as Vine
Avis Bunnage
as Countess deWett
Dudley Sutton
as Jelly
Victor Maddern
as Anxious O'Toole
Thorley Walters
as Chief Constable
Peter Vaughan
as Sir Henry Capell
Raymond Huntley
as Prison Governor
Barbara Everest
as Mrs. Dick
Cameron Hall
as The Admiral
Basil Dignam
as The General
Neil Hallett
as Guard Commander
Arthur Skinner
as Nick the Bible
Frank Jarvis
as Moby
Peter Zander
as German A.D.C.
Margaret Lacey
as Miss Rossiter
Peter Zander
as German A.D.C.
Frank Jarvis
as Moby
Arthur Skinner
as Nick the Bible


John Boulting
Roy Boulting
Roy Boulting
Jeffrey Dell
Len Heath
Freddie Young
Michael Dress
Composer (Music Score)
Michael Dress
Teddy Darvas
Wally Veevers
Special Effects

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