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Roseanna McCoy Details


The saga of the Hatfield-and-McCoy feud is romanticized in Samuel Goldwyn's Roseanna McCoy. Newcomer Joan Evans stars as the title character, whose elopement with Johnse Hatfield (Farley Granger) serves to further fuel the flames of the deadly mountain feud. The opposing patriarches, Devil Anse Hatfield and Old Randall McCoy, are vividly realized by Charles Bickford and Raymond Massey. In West Virginia and Kentucky, the debate still rages over what started the hostilities, but there's no question that the end result was tragedy for all concerned. In Goldwyn's version, the feud comes to a halt because Roseanna and Johnse demand it; would that real life were this simple and clear-cut. Based on a novel by Alberta Hannum, Roseanna McCoy was released through the distribution channels of RKO Radio. ~ Hal Erickson, Rovi


Farley Granger
as Johnse Hatfield
Joan Evans
as Roseanna McCoy
Charles Bickford
as Devil Anse Hatfield
Raymond Massey
as Old Randall McCoy
Richard Basehart
as Mounts Hatfield
Aline MacMahon
as Sarie McCoy
Marshall Thompson
as Tolbert McCoy
Lloyd Gough
as Phamer McCoy
Arthur Franz
as Thad Wilkins
Frank Ferguson
as Ellison Hatfield
Hope Emerson
as Levisa Hatfield
Dan White
as Abel Hatfield
Mabel Paige
as Grandma Sykes
Almira Sessions
as Cousin Zinny
Billy Mauch
as Cap Hatfield
Al Bridge
as Medicine Seller
Cliff Clark
Lester Dorr
Pat Flaherty
as Joe McCoy
Don Gordon
Chuck Hamilton
Ray Hyke
Ethan Laidlaw
Rory Mallinson
Hank Mann
Myra Marsh
John Miller
Ida Moore
Ruth Sanderson
Guy Wilkerson
Gerald Perreau-Saissine
as Young Randall McCoy
Gigi Perreau
as Allifair McCoy
Pat Flaherty
as Joe McCoy
Gerald Perreau-Saissine
as Young Randall McCoy
Al Bridge
as Medicine Seller


Irving G. Reis
Samuel Goldwyn
Lee Garmes
Floyd D.Crosby
Emil Newman
Musical Direction/Supervision
David Buttolph
Composer (Music Score)
Frank Loesser
Dan Mandell