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Rocky II Details


By concentrating on character development with this first of several sequels to his Oscar-winning smash [[Feature~V41846~Rocky~rocky]] (1976), writer/director [[Performer~P112464~Sylvester Stallone~sylvesterstallone]] earned critical praise that would desert him with the boxing saga's shallower subsequent chapters. [[Performer~P112464~Stallone~sylvesterstallone]] returns as Rocky Balboa, a Philadelphia prize fighter enjoying his brief fame after nearly defeating world heavyweight champion Apollo Creed (Carl Weathers). When Rocky is offered lucrative product endorsement opportunities, his limited education and lack of sophistication quickly become an impediment to his future success, causing him embarrassment and his pregnant wife, Adrian ([[Performer~P65369~Talia Shire~taliashire]]), a great deal of financial concern. Meanwhile, Creed is brooding over his near loss to a fighter he considers an amateur far beneath him and decides to goad a reluctant Rocky into a high-profile rematch. With the family resources dwindling and his pride wounded, Rocky decides that fighting is all he knows and makes the fateful decision to climb back into the ring once more with Creed to vie for the championship belt, despite assurances from all concerned that he will blind himself irreparably. ~ Karl Williams, Rovi

  • Release date:June 15, 1979


Sylvester Stallone
as Rocky Balboa
Talia Shire
as Adrian
Burt Young
as Paulie
Carl Weathers
as Apollo Creed
Burgess Meredith
as Mickey
Tony Burton
as Apollo's Trainer
Joe Spinell
as Gazzo
Leonard Gaines
as Agent
Sylvia Meals
as Mary Anne Creed
Frank McRae
as Meat Foreman
Al Silvani
as Cutman
John Pleshette
as Director
Stu Nahan
as Announcer
Bill Baldwin
as Commentator
Jerry Ziesmer
as Salesman
Fran Ryan
as Adrian's Nurse
Shaka Cumbuka
as Cornerman
Whitney Rydbeck
as Sound Man
Michael Dorn
as Bit
Paul McCrane
as Young Patient
Allison Caine
Shepherd Sanders
as Employment Manager
Allan Warnick
as Makeup Man
Jane Marla Robbins
as Gloria
Roberto Duran
as Fighter
Grainger Hines
as Emergency Room Aide
Hank Rolike
as Cornerman
Rene LeVant
as Young Lugger
Herb Nanas
as Employment Manager
Ava Lazar
as White Hunter
Frank Stallone
as Singer
Taurean Blacque
as Lawyer
Tony Munafo
as Boxer
Jeff Temkin
as Ring Announcer
Sonny Melendrez
as Reporter
Lou Filippo
as Referee
Charles Winkler
as Camera Assistant


Sylvester Stallone
Robert Chartoff
Irwin Winkler
Sylvester Stallone
Bill Butler
Bill Conti
Composer (Music Score)
Frank Stallone
Composer (Music Score)
Frank Stallone
Janice Hampton
Arthur Chobanian
Associate Producer
Michael S. Glick
Executive Producer
Ed Baer
Set Designer
Tom Bronson
Costume Designer
Al Silvani
Joy Todd
Michael Westmore
Sylvester Stallone
Fights Choreographer