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The Rocketeer Details


After getting his start as a visual effects artist on the original Star Wars trilogy, Spielberg protege Joe Johnston found success as a director with his debut film, the blockbuster family adventure Honey, I Shrunk the Kids. For his sophomore outing, Johnston helmed this action-adventurer, set in 1930s Hollywood and in the spirit of old pulp comics and adventure serials, and co-adapted from the David Stevens graphic novel by Danny Bilson and Paul De Meo. Bill Campbell stars as Cliff Secord, an eager young pilot who finds himself in possession of a secret jet-pack that gives him the ability to fly. Cliff soon learns that screen-star Neville Sinclair (Timothy Dalton) will stop at nothing to get his hands on the rocket pack so he can give it to the Nazis. As The Rocketeer and with a little help from his mechanic friend played by Alan Arkin, it's up to Cliff to elude Sinclair, defeat the Nazis, and save his girlfriend Jenny (Jennifer Connelly). ~ Matthew Tobey, Rovi

  • Release date:June 21, 1991


Bill Campbell
as Cliff Secord
Jennifer Connelly
as Jenny Blake
Alan Arkin
as Peevy
Timothy Dalton
as Neville Sinclair
Paul Sorvino
as Eddie Valentine
Terry O'Quinn
as Howard Hughes
Ed Lauter
as Fitch
James Handy
as Wooly
Tiny Ron
as Lothar/Good Old Boy
Robert Miranda
as Spanish Johnny
John Lavachielli
as Rusty
Eddie Jones
as Malcolm
Melora Hardin
as South Seas Singer
Pat Crawford Brown
as Mrs. Pye
David Pressman
as Hospital Guard
Taylor Gilbert
as Stewardess
Dave Adams
as Reporter
Michael Francis Clarke
as G-Man
Daniel O'Shea
as Mike
Chance Michael Corbitt
as Newspaper Kid
Lila Finn
as Clothesline Lady
Julian Barnes
as Charlie
Charlie Stavola
as Assistant Director
Chuck Wentworth
as Airshow Pilot
Craig Hosking
as Airshow Pilot
Danielle Bedau
as Girl at Newsstand
Darryl Henriques
as G-Man
Don Pugsley
as Goose
Doug McGrath
as Reporter
Ele Keats
as Girl at Newsstand
Gene Daily
as Clark Gable
Tom Kindle
as Clapperboy
Tom Tully
as Reporter
William Boyett
as Government Liaison
William Frankfather
as Government Liaison
Jon Polito
as Bigelow
America Martin
as Patsy
Heinrich James
as Nazi Agent
Herman Poppe
as Zeppelin Captain
Bob Leeman
as W.C. Fields
Clint Howard
as Monk
William Sanderson
as Skeets
Jim Franklin
as Airshow Pilot
Kathleen Michaels
as South Seas Camera Girl
Kim Sebastian
as Nurse
Kristopher Logan
as Nazi Commando
Lisa Pedersen
as Noblewoman
Margo Martindale
as Millie
Max Grodenchik
as Wilmer
Merritt Yohnka
as Nazi Crewman
Michael Milhoan
as Jeff
Mike Finneran
as Reporter
Arlee Reed
as Cameraman
Nada Despotovich
as Irma
Norbert Weisser
as Zeppelin Pilot
Paul Forsyth
as Nazi Commando
Perry Cook
as Good Old Boy
Peter Bromilow
as Nobleman
Peter Frankland
as Nazi Commando
Richard Warlock
as FBI Agent
Rick Overton
as South Seas Patron
Sam Vincent
as Filmstage Director
Scanlon Gail
as G-Man at Chaplin Field
Steve Hinton
as Airshow Pilot
Thomas Huff
as Lenny


Joe Johnston
Lawrence Gordon
Lloyd Levin
Charles Gordon
Paul de Meo
Screen Story
Paul de Meo
William Dear
Screen Story
Danny Bilson
Screen Story
Danny Bilson
Dave Stevens
Book Author
Hiro Narita
James Horner
Composer (Music Score)
Arthur Schmidt
Michael A. Stevenson
James D. Bissell
Production Designer
Linda de Scenna
Art Director
Christopher Burian-Mohr
Art Director
Dave Stevens
Lisa Bailey
Associate Producer
Larry Franco
Executive Producer
Linda de Scenna
Set Designer
Paul Sonski
Set Designer
Carl Stensel
Set Designer
Marilyn Vance
Costume Designer
Seth Arnett
Nancy Foy
Peter Lonsdale
Additional Editing