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RoboCop Details


A powerful multinational conglomerate attempts to bring robotic law enforcement to the United States by transforming a critically injured police officer into a cyborg cop in this remake of the subversive 1987 sci-fi classic. The year is 2028. For a long time, cutting-edge robotics company OmniCorp has been supplying the U.S. military with drones for use overseas, though their repeated attempts to bring the technology stateside has met with fierce resistance. When devoted family man and upstanding Detroit policeman Alex Murphy ([[Performer~P311068~Joel Kinnaman~joelkinnaman]]) is grievously wounded in the line of duty, OmniCorp CEO Raymond Sellars ([[Performer~P37277~Michael Keaton~michaelkeaton]]) attempts to innovate by recruiting top scientist Dennett Norton ([[Performer~P53946~Gary Oldman~garyoldman]]) to transform Murphy into a prototype half-man/half-robot crime-fighter. When initial tests fail to provide the results OmniCorp had hoped for, Norton reprograms Robocop to operate strictly on software rather than human emotion. Later, Robocop finally hits the streets, and the citizens of the crime-ridden city welcome him with open arms. But as Murphy's emotions begin to interfere with his programming, he sets out to find the criminals who nearly killed him, and ensure that justice is served. [[Performer~P369434~Abbie Cornish~abbiecornish]], [[Performer~P34866~Samuel L. Jackson~samuelljackson]], [[Performer~P297897~Jay Baruchel~jaybaruchel]], and [[Performer~P29701~Jackie Earle Haley~jackieearlehaley]] co-star. ~ Jason Buchanan, Rovi

  • Release date:February 12, 2014


Joel Kinnaman
as Alex Murphy / Robocop
Gary Oldman
as Norton
Samuel L. Jackson
as Pat Novak
Abbie Cornish
as Clara Murphy
Michael Keaton
as Raymond Sellars
Marianne Jean-Baptiste
as Chief Karen Dean
Jay Baruchel
as Tom Pope
Michael Kenneth Williams
as Jack Lewis
Jackie Earle Haley
as Rick Mattox
Aimee Garcia
as Jae Kim
Jennifer Ehle
as Liz Kline
Douglas Urbanski
as Mayor Durant
Patrick Garrow
as Antoine Vallon
Daniel Kash
as John Lake
Zach Grenier
as Senator Hubert Dreyfus
Stewart Arnott
as Senate House Leader
Steve Cumyn
as Ohio Senator
Marjan Neshat
as Sayeh
Philip Akin
as Dr. Alan
Dwayne McLean
as Thomas King
Wayne Downer
as Marcus
Rory O'Shea
as Cop at Armoury
Paul Sun-Hyung Lee
as Omnicorp Technician
Rocky Anderson
as Lead Omnicorp Security Agent
Dean Redman
as Omnicorp Exterior Security
Kirby Morrow
as Co-Pilot
Kevin Hare
as Rapist
Jessica Booker
as Sweet Man's Mom


José Padilha
Eric Newman
Marc Abraham
Nick Schenk
Michael Miner
Ed Neumeier
John S. Bartley
Patrick Loungway
Tom Stern
Lula Carvalho
Pedro Bromfman
Composer (Music Score)
Peter McNulty
Daniel Rezende
Martin Whist
Production Designer
David E. Scott
Art Director
Brandt Gordon
Supervising Art Director
Patrick Banister
Art Director
Bill Carraro
Executive Producer
John Burke
Set Designer
April Ferry
Costume Designer
Cal Loucks
Set Decorator
Carol Lavallee
Set Decorator
Morgan Beggs
First Assistant Director
Nicolas Seck
Patrick Ramsay
Sound Mixer
Ruth Huddleston
Sound Mixer
Diane Kerbel
Glen Gauthier
Sound Mixer
Grant Lucibello
Second Assistant Director
Eamonn Butler
Supervising Animator
Ed Anders
Stunts Coordinator
Allan Magled
Visual Effects Producer
Caroline Garrett
Visual Effects Coordinator
Chad Belair
Second Assistant Director
Clay Pinney
Special Effects Coordinator
Cori Burchell
Costumes Supervisor
Courtney Vanderslice-Law
Visual Effects Executive Producer
Aaron Weintraub
Visual Effects Supervisor
Brett Dowler
Visual Effects Producer
Dean Wright
Visual Effects Producer
Dennis Berardi
Visual Effects Executive Producer
Greg P. Russell
Re-Recording Mixer
George Marshall Ruge
Stunts Coordinator
Gayle Busby
Visual Effects Producer
Sabine Graham
Production Coordinator
Scott Millan
Re-Recording Mixer
Sean Osmack
Second Assistant Director
Simon Stanley-Clamp
Visual Effects Supervisor
Todd Masters
Makeup Special Effects
Valerie Halverson
Costumes Supervisor
Vincent Sullivan
Department Head Hair
Dino R. Dimuro
Sound Effects Editor
Rocco Larizza
Special Effects Supervisor
Holger Voss
CG Supervisor
Ana Lozano
Department Head Makeup
Joel Kramer
Stunts Coordinator
Joel Whist
Special Effects Coordinator
Krista Allain
Visual Effects Coordinator
Leslie Kavanagh
Costumes Supervisor
Linda Dowds
Department Head Makeup
Lisa Rodgers
Post Production Supervisor
Lori Waters
Post Production Supervisor

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