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Robin and the Seven Hoods Details


The Rat Pack packed it in after this sprightly musical comedy that owes more than it should to Damon Runyon's stories and Frank Loesser and Abe Burrows's classic musical Guys and Dolls. Sammy Cahn and Jimmy Van Heusen's bright and snappy score features such songs as "Style", "Bang-Bang" and the Sinatra standard "My Kind of Town". Set in 1920s Chicago, the tale begins during a birthday party for head mobster Big Jim (Edward G. Robinson) who is shot to death during the celebration. Rival gangster Guy Gisbourne (Peter Falk) immediately declares himself the chief gangster. The northside gang, headed by Robbo (Frank Sinatra) is willing to grant Guy his self-declared title as long as he leaves the northside territory alone. Guy refuses and when small time hood Little John (Dean Martin) joins Robbo's crew, turf warfare breaks out between the two gangs, resulting in the destruction of both Robbo and Guy's nightclubs. Meanwhile, Big Jim's daughter Marian (Barbara Rush) offers Robbo $50,000 to find the man who killed her father. Robbo demurs and gives the money to his henchman Will (Sammy Davis Jr.) to get rid of. Will, hoping to do a good deed, hands the money over to Allen A. Dale (Bing Crosby), who runs an orphanage. Allen, finding out that the money came from Robbo, informs the newspapers of Robbo's philanthropic enterprise and Robbo immediately becomes a local celebrity, referred to as Chicago's Robin Hood. For his part, Robbo is willing to go along with the publicity. On the romantic front, although Robbo is attracted to Marian, he gives her the brush-off when he finds she is using a charitable foundation as a front for a counterfeiting ring being run by herself and Little John. Robbo tells Marian to leave town. Instead, she hooks up with Guy, proposing that he kill both Robbo and Little John. ~ Paul Brenner, Rovi

  • Release date:June 24, 1964


Awarded by
Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences Jimmy Van Heusen Best Adapted Score 1964 Nominee
Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences Sammy Cahn Best Song 1964 Nominee
Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences Nelson Riddle Best Adapted Score 1964 Nominee


Frank Sinatra
as Robbo
Dean Martin
as John
Sammy Davis, Jr.
as Will
Peter Falk
as Guy Gisborne
Bing Crosby
as Allen A. Dale
Barbara Rush
as Marian
Victor Buono
as Sheriff Potts
Hank Henry
as Six Second
Jack LaRue
as Tomatoes
Robert Foulk
as Sheriff Glick
Edward G. Robinson
as Big Jim
Allen Jenkins
as Vermin
Richard Sinatra
Hans Conried
as Mr. Ricks
Harry Swoger
as Soup Meat
William Zuckert
Richard Bakalyan
as Robbo's hood
Eddie Ness
Thom Conroy
Frank Scannell
as Lawyer
Diane Sayer
as "Booze" Witness
Sig Rumann
as Hammacher
Tony Randall
as Hood
John Pedrini
Joseph Ruskin
as Twitch
Dick Simmons
as Prosecutor
Barry Kelley
as Police Chief
Boyd "Red" Morgan
Linda Brent
as Woman Derelict
Ronnie Dayton
as Man
Bernard Fein
as Charlie Bananas
Maurice Manson
as Dignitary
Mark Sherwood
as Boy


Frank Sinatra
William H. Daniels
Jimmy Van Heusen
Composer (Music Score)
Sammy Cahn
Composer (Music Score)
Nelson Riddle
Musical Direction/Supervision
Nelson Riddle
Composer (Music Score)
Howard W. Koch
Executive Producer
Raphael Bretton
Set Designer
Gordon Bau