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In this raunchy comedy, Josh (Breckin Meyer), a student at a college in Ithaca, NY, videotapes his one-night stand with beautiful sorority girl Beth (Amy Smart). A few days later, Josh discovers that one of his friends accidentally mailed the homemade porn tape to his girlfriend, Tiffany (Rachel Blanchard), who is spending some time with her family in Austin, TX. Josh and his friends Barry (Tom Green), Kyle (D.J. Qualls), E.L. (Seann William Scott), and Rubin (Paulo Costanzo) borrow a car and hit the road in a desperate bid to intercept the tape before Tiffany loads it into her VCR; Beth, however, wants Josh for herself and has her own plans to track down Tiffany. Road Trip is the first fiction feature from director Todd Phillips, noted for such edgy documentaries as Todd Phillips, Todd Phillips, and Todd Phillips. The cast also includes Fred Ward and Andy Dick. ~ Mark Deming, Rovi

  • Release date:May 11, 2000


Breckin Meyer
as Josh
Seann William Scott
as E.L.
Amy Smart
as Beth
Paulo Costanzo
as Rubin
D.J. Qualls
as Kyle
Rachel Blanchard
as Tiffany
Anthony Rapp
as Jacob
Fred Ward
as Earl Edwards
Tom Green
as Barry
Andy Dick
as Motel Clerk
Ethan Suplee
as Ed
Horatio Sanz
as French Toast Guy
Rhoda Griffis
as Tour Group Mom
Ellen Albertini Dow
as Barry's Grandma
Edmund Lyndeck
as Barry's Grandpa
Wendell B. Harris, Jr.
as Professor Anderson
Mary Lynn Rajskub
as Blind Brenda
Rini Bell
as Carla


Todd Phillips
Joe Medjuck
Ivan Reitman
Adam Goldberg
Daniel Goldberg
Todd Phillips
Scot Armstrong
Mark Irwin
Peter Afterman
Musical Direction/Supervision
Sheldon Kahn
Clark Hunter
Production Designer
Max Biscoe
Art Director
Ivan Reitman
Executive Producer
Tom Pollock
Executive Producer
Peggy Stamper
Costume Designer
Jonathan "Earl" Stein
Sound/Sound Designer
Michael Neumann
First Assistant Director