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Road to Singapore Details


The story goes that such stars as [[Performer~P44291~Fred MacMurray~fredmacmurray]], [[Performer~P53725~Jack Oakie~jackoakie]] and [[Performer~P9701~Burns~georgeburns]] & [[Performer~P1015~Allen~gracieallen]] had turned down The Road to Singapore before the leading roles went to [[Performer~P15874~Bing Crosby~bingcrosby]] and [[Performer~P33168~Bob Hope~bobhope]]. More conventionally structured than future "Road" efforts, the film casts [[Performer~P15874~Crosby~bingcrosby]] as Josh Mallon, the irresponsible son of shipping magnate Joshua Mallon IV ([[Performer~P13835~Charles Coburn~charlescoburn]]). Though the elder Mallon wants his son to enter the family business and marry longtime fiancee Gloria Wycott ([[Performer~P4163~Judith Barrett~judithbarrett]]), Josh would rather pal around with his carefree sailor buddy Ace Lannigan ([[Performer~P33168~Bob Hope~bobhope]]). On the eve of his wedding, Josh escapes with Ace to Singapore, where the two of them cook up a get-rich-quick scheme involving a highly unreliable spot remover. The boys' friendship is strained when they both fall in love with cabaret dancer Mima ([[Performer~P40193~Dorothy Lamour~dorothylamour]]), who is on the lam from her jealous partner Caesar ([[Performer~P107297~Anthony Quinn~anthonyquinn]]). Hiding out from the authorities, the three protagonists wind up in the midst of a native ceremony, where Ace and Mima rescue Josh from a hasty marriage to a local temptress. When Gloria shows up to drag Josh back to the altar, Mima nobly gives him up, pretending to be in love with Ace. Eventually, however, big-hearted Ace realizes that Mima belongs with Josh, and thus concocts another scheme to lure his pal back to the Far East. Though many of the earmarks of the "Road" series are evident in Road to Singapore (the "patty-cake" bit, the presence of such guest stars as [[Performer~P33168~Hope~bobhope]]'s radio stooge Jerry Colonna, etc.), the film lacks the spontaneous quality of the later [[Performer~P33168~Hope~bobhope]]-[[Performer~P15874~Crosby~bingcrosby]]-[[Performer~P40193~Lamour~dorothylamour]] starrers. Even so, it's an awful lot of fun, especially when [[Performer~P33168~Bob~bobhope]] and [[Performer~P15874~Bing~bingcrosby]] team up on the novelty number "Captain Custard" and [[Performer~P40193~Dorothy~dorothylamour]] croons her requisite "moon and stars" romantic ballads. ~ Hal Erickson, Rovi


Bing Crosby
as Josh Mallon
Dorothy Lamour
as Mima
Bob Hope
as Ace Lannigan
Charles Coburn
as Joshua Mallon IV
Anthony Quinn
as Caesar
Judith Barrett
as Gloria Wycott
Jerry Colonna
as Achilles Bombanassa
Johnny Arthur
as Timothy Willow
Pierre Watkin
as Morgan Wycott
Miles Mander
as Sir Malcolm Drake
Pedro Regas
as Zato
Kitty Kelly
as Sailor's wife
Gloria Franklin
as Ninky Poo
Carmen D'Antonio
as Native Girl
Bobby Barber
as Dumb-Looking Little Man
Richard Keene
as Cameraman
Claire James
as Girl at Party
Grace Hayle
as Chaperone
Elvia Allman
as Homely Girl
Harry C. Bradley
as Secretary
Belle Mitchell
as Shopkeeper
Fred Malatesta
as Native Policeman
Richard Tucker
as Ship's Officer
Greta Granstedt
as Babe
Robert E. O'Connor
as Immigration Officer
Edward Gargan
as Bill
Jack Pepper
as Columnist
Helen Lynd
as Society girl
Cyril Ring
as Ship's officer
Don Brodie
as Fred
Monte Blue
as High Priest


Victor Schertzinger
Harlan Thompson
Don Hartman
Frank R. Butler
Harry Harvey
Screen Story
William C. Mellor
Victor Young
Musical Direction/Supervision
Victor Young
Composer (Music Score)
Paul Weatherwax
Hans Dreier
Art Director
Farciot Edouart
Special Effects
LeRoy J. Prinz
Harry Hervey
Short Story Author