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The Road to Guantanamo Details


Winner of the Silver Bear at the 2006 Berlin Film Festival, The Road to Guantanamo, directed by [[Performer~P194595~Michael Winterbottom~michaelwinterbottom]] and [[Performer~P403993~Mat Whitecross~matwhitecross]], uses interviews, news footage, and reenactments to tell the story of the Tipton Three, young British men of Pakistani descent who were detained for over two years without charges at Guantanamo Bay by the American military. Shafiq (played by Riz Ahmed in the reenactments), Ruhel ([[Performer~P461993~Farhad Harun~farhadharun]]), Asif ([[Performer~P461995~Arfan Usman~arfanusman]]), and Monir ([[Performer~P461994~Waqar Siddiqui~waqarsiddiqui]]) traveled to Pakistan to take part in Asif's wedding to a Pakistani girl. Once in Pakistan, they hooked up with Zahid (Shahid Iqbal), Shafiq's cousin, and they all met in Karachi. There, they attended a mosque, where the imam urged worshipers to help those in need in Afghanistan, and where an inexpensive bus trip over the border was organized. Out of a sense of charity, or perhaps a naïve lust for adventure, the young men decided to travel to Afghanistan. The American bombing campaign begins shortly after they arrive. While trying to get back over the border, they find themselves in the Taliban stronghold of Konduz, where they are captured by the Northern Alliance during the Taliban surrender. At this point, Monir is separated from the group, and they never see him again. Shafiq, Ruhel, and Asif are brought to Sheberghan prison, where they are detained under miserable conditions, until the Americans discover that they are British. At that point, their journey to Guantanamo begins. [[Performer~P466394~Asif Iqbal~asifiqbal]], [[Performer~P466393~Ruhel Ahmed~ruhelahmed]], and [[Performer~P466395~Shafiq Rasul~shafiqrasul]] describe their ordeal at the hands of American and British intelligence, who were determined to get them to confess their nonexistent links to Osama bin Laden and al-Qaeda, while the brutal scenes are reenacted onscreen. The Road to Guantanamo was shown at the 2006 Tribeca Film Festival. ~ Josh Ralske, Rovi

  • Release date:June 23, 2006


Rizwan Ahmed
as Shafiq
Farhad Harun
as Ruhel
Waqar Siddiqui
as Monir
Arfan Usman
as Asif


Michael Winterbottom
Mat Whitecross
Andrew Eaton
Melissa Parmenter
Marcel Zyskind
Molly Nyman
Composer (Music Score)
Harry Escott
Composer (Music Score)
Mark Digby
Production Designer
Shahriar Shahbazzadeh
Mohsen Ruzbehani
Special Effects
Wendy Brazington
Stuart Wilson
Sound Mixer

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