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Rising Sun Details


When [[Performer~P86220~Michael Crichton~michaelcrichton]] wrote his best-selling thriller Rising Sun, he wrote the character of hero John Connor with [[Performer~P10646~Sean Connery~seanconnery]] in mind. For [[Performer~P96903~Philip Kaufman~philipkaufman]]'s film version of the novel, [[Performer~P10646~Sean Connery~seanconnery]], needless to say, fits seamlessly into the role of a legendary police detective who is an expert in Japanese culture. The story takes place in the towering office building of the Japanese Nakamoto Corporation in Los Angeles, who are negotiating a deal with Microcon, an American electronics firm. During a gala held one night in the Nakamoto offices, the body of a woman, Cheryl Lynn Austin ([[Performer~P210566~Tatjana Patitz~tatjanapatitz]]) is found murdered in the main conference room. Arriving quickly on the scene is high-amped police lieutenant Tom Graham ([[Performer~P37381~Harvey Keitel~harveykeitel]]), who oozes hatred for anything Japanese from every pore. When he has trouble getting cooperation from the Nakatomo executives, Graham calls in Web Smith ([[Performer~P66675~Wesley Snipes~wesleysnipes]]), a Special Services liaison, and John Connor ([[Performer~P10646~Connery~seanconnery]]), a man well-versed in Japanese culture and traditions. Together they form a team as they investigate the crime. Connor questions computer video expert Jingo ([[Performer~P11254~Tia Carrere~tiacarrere]]), who works on a security system computer disc that captures the killer's identity. The only problem is that the image of the killer on the disc has been altered to conceal the murderer's face. ~ Paul Brenner, Rovi


Sean Connery
as John Connor
Wesley Snipes
as Web Smith
Harvey Keitel
as Tom Graham
Cary-Hiroyuki Tagawa
as Eddie Sakamura
Kevin Anderson
as Bob Richmond
as Yoshida-san
Ray Wise
as Senator John Morton
Stan Egi
as Ishihara
Stan Shaw
as Phillips
Tia Carrere
as Jingo Asakuma
Steve Buscemi
as Willy "the Weasel" Wilhelm
Tatjana Patitz
as Cheryl Lynn Austin
Michael Chapman
as Fred Hoffman
Max Kirishima
as Eddie Sakamura's Yakuza
Fumio Demura
as Nakamoto Yakuza
Max Grodenchik
as Club Manager
Peter Crombie
as Greg
Meagen Fay
as Hamaguri Receptionist
Tom Dahlgren
as Jim Donaldson
Jessica Tuck
as Senator Morton's Aide
Michael Leopard
as Cop
Tony Ganios
as Doorman Guard
Scot Anthony Robinson
as First Brother
Nelson Mashita
as Young Japanese Negotiator
Toshishiro Obata
as Guard at Imperial Arms
Donna Isaacson
Joey Miyashima
as Young Japanese Negotiator
Tadashi Yamashita
as Nakamoto Yakuza
Alexandra Powers
as Julia
Lauren Robinson
as Zelly
Tak Kubota
as Nakamoto Yukuza
Clyde Kusatsu
as Tanaka
Daniel Von Bargen
as Chief Olson / Interrogator
Jeff Imada
as Eddie Sakamura's Yakuza
Dan Butler
as Ken Shubik
Amy Hill
as Hsieh
Shelley Michelle
as Blonde


Philip Kaufman
Ian Bryce
Peter Kaufman
Michael Backes
Philip Kaufman
Michael Crichton
Book Author
Michael Crichton
Michael Chapman
Toru Takemitsu
Composer (Music Score)
Stephen A. Rotter
William Scharf
Dean Tavoularis
Production Designer
Ian Bryce
Production Designer
Angelo P. Graham
Art Director
Sean Connery
Executive Producer
Robert C. Goldstein
Set Designer
Gary Fettis
Set Designer
Jacqueline West
Costume Designer
Alan Splet
Sound/Sound Designer
David MacMillan
Sound/Sound Designer
Larry Fuentes
Special Effects
Donna Isaacson