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The Rise and Rise of Michael Rimmer Details


Like Socrates of ancient Athens, Michael Rimmer (Peter Cook) of modern England believes the key to success is to ask the right questions. Lots of questions. So he gets a job with an advertising agency that conducts polls, rises swiftly through the ranks, and eventually runs the agency. Then he bombards England with questions. His ingenious system enables him to predict the outcome of a general election. (Every voter in England had received a questionnaire.) So accomplished is Rimmer at asking questions that he finds his future wife through market research. To insure that he gets the right answers, Rimmer is not above manipulating the polls. For example, when he asks residents of Coventry their religion, 95 percent identify themselves as Buddhists, thanks to an influx of Rimmer stooges. Then he enters politics. In a short time, he gets himself elected to Parliament, becomes a cabinet minister and eventually moves into Ten Downing Street as prime minister after pushing the incumbent prime minister off an oil platform. By this time, every eligible voter in Britain can cast ballots with a television remote control. Alas, the electorate tires of the endless referendum questions that they must answer as part of their daily routine. This development serves only to catapult Rimmer to further success, for the people decide to place all decisions in his hands as dictator of England. So Rimmer keeps rising and rising and rising. And asking questions. ~ Mike Cummings, Rovi


Peter Cook
as Michael Rimmer
Denholm Elliott
as Peter Niss
Ronald Fraser
as Tom Hutchinson
Arthur Lowe
as Ferret
Vanessa Howard
as Patricia Cartwright
George A. Cooper
as Blackett
Graham Crowden
as Bishop of Cowley
Harold Pinter
as Steven Hench
James Cossins
as Crodder
Richard Pearson
as Wilting
Ronnie Corbett
as Interviewer
Dudley Foster
as Federman
Julian Glover
as Col. Moffat
Ann Beach
as Receptionist
Jonathan Cecil
as "Spot"
Diana Coupland
as Mrs. Spimm
Percy Edwards
as Bird Impersonator
Arthur Lovegrove
as Doorman
Frank Thornton
as Stoddart
Graham Chapman
as Fromage
William Job
as Waring
Norman Rossington
as Guide
Michael Trubshawe
as Mandeville
Roland Culver
as Sir Eric Bentley
John Cleese
as Plumer
Valerie Leon
Nicholas Phipps
as Snaggot
Dennis Price
as Fairbum
Elspeth March
as Mrs. Ferret
Michael Barrington
as Maj. Scott


Harry Fine
John Cleese
Graham Chapman
Peter Cook
Alex Thomson
Carmen Dillon
Art Director
Ken Lewington
Costume Designer
Michael Dryhurst
First Assistant Director